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Aguajito Veterinary Hospital / Dog died after 3 days!

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My complaint is that our 4 year old Jack Russel Terrier dog contracted pneumonia and died after spending three days at the vet' for back or leg pain. Our dog was having trouble with her hind legs and would not jump to get up on her bed. After observing this for about two days we took ker to the local veterinary hospital, where we have taken most of our pets. They examined our dog, Sassy-Sade, and decided that she should stay a few days so that they could watch her. We left "Sade" at the vet' Wednesday through Friday, and I visited her every day for about two hours. The second day, I asked several (three) times about her coughing and was told that she had digested her food wrong and just needed to cough. On the third day she was being released to come home for the weekend (since they are not open over the weekend). I picked up "Sade" and asked again about her cough. I was told the same thing about her food and then assured that she would be okay. She was released with several different medications and a bill for over a thousand dollars. I got "Sade" home and made her comfortable. I watched her through the night as I gave her the medication prescribed and even patted her back to help her cough. I gave her water by dabbing a wet wash cloth across her mouth. The next morning "Sade" was up and walking and had made her way to her water dish. Only 30 minutes after "sade" drank water she died. It was so sudden that we had not time to rush her to the emergency. We were/are devastated. Through many tears, I called the veterinary and left them a message on their machine that "Sade" had died. I got no return phone call and called back after and hour had past. I got the receptionist and told her and demanded to speak with the doctor that treated "Sade". They told me she would return my call. Another hour past and I called back. This time the doctor came to the phone. She was apologetic but offered no explanations or concern. I asked about them doing a necropsy (an autopsy) and she and the other doctor sounded reluctant. I could not understand why they were either as eager or more than us to learn what had happen to "Sade" and why she had died so suddenly. I pretty much had to demand the necropsy. The results came back within two weeks and the results showed that "Sade" had contracted pneumonia. "Sadie" did not go into the veterinary hospital with pneumonia. The hospital sent roses. I have not been able to even look at that place, and still have yet to write the letter that I know I need to write requesting answers. I just have not been strong enough after having had so much loss within a year, to include a sibling. I have paid the vet'only half of the bill, as they continue to send statements and even threaten to send the account to collections. I am just speechless. How do I handle something like this? "In Memory of Sassy-Sade"

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  • Ba
      24th of Dec, 2007
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    I am so sorry to read about Sade. We also have a Jack Russell Terrier that Aguajjito Vet has treated since he was about four. He is prone to a lot of vet trips. The staff and doctor have always been very concerned even when there was no apparent reason for what our dog was going through.

    We had a dog some years ago who died suddenly at the age of 15. The staff and vet did everything in their power to help her. The autopsy revealed that she had died of a tumor that had ruptured. It was nobody's fault but I was angry and spent a long time blaming. It occurred to me one day that it was not their fault and my grief had left a residue of pain and I need someone to blame. I forgave them and the cloud lifted and went away along with the pain of my loss.

    However, the bill you have trouble paying is another matter. You should make an appointment with the vet and sit down and discuss this matter face to face even if it is hard. It will clear the air. It is only a symbol of your grief and loss. I think you will find them reasonable.

    My dog is now 13 and I am sure he will die of something we don't quite understand. I hope this helps and is not too late.

  • Ki
      6th of Jan, 2008
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    I understand you concern since my BT went in for Mammory tumor removals in Nov as well as spay. She now has pneumonia that does not seem to be improving. No pre op Chest xr or labs were done.

  • Jo
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    I personally cannot complain about the quality of care at this facility, but their basic customer service is truly abysmal. Even as I type this note, I've been sitting on hold on the phone waiting to talk to someone about getting a copy of my puppy's vaccine records. What's adding insult to injury is that I've now had someone come on twice with "Thank you for calling the Aguajito Vet clinic...can you hold?" sounding as thought they don't have even a clue that I've already been waiting. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time this has happened.

    Again, while I cannot comment on the care (good or bad) I think that if you have other options there are better places in Monterey to go.

  • Do
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    We've been going to Aguajito for years. A few months ago, we had our 13 year-old dog in for routine teeth cleaning. We went in a week before the cleaning to have blood drawn. They sent out her blood for testing and did some in-house testing. I wasn't told how the results came out so I called later. When I called, I was told that she was fine and her blood levels were normal.

    I brought her in this week because she's losing weight and is vomiting. The Vet told me that her creatinine and BUN values were off during her last visit! If I hadn't brought her in due to these symptoms, who knows if she'd be alive next week. I hope she's going to be OK, we don't know yet.

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