AGM / Unfair Rental Practices-discrimination

904 South Main Street, Lakeport, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 263-3726

My close friend Sarah Collins who has 2 small children applied to rent this house located on Maple St. in Loch Lomond . Sarah Collins turned in her application on Jan. 10, 2011 and at that time asked Lisa at AGM if there were any other applications turned in and was told that they had given one out but it didn't come back yet. On Jan. 18th Sarah was told she needed to have a co-signer to qualify.
So, Madelyn Martinelli, stated that she would co-sign; and turned her application
in yesterday at 11:15 to AGM. Meanwhile, AGM charged her another $20.00 to
have this co-signer app approved. Knowing that another person was coming in to sign the Lease. Lisa took my money knowing someone had already qualified for the lease previous to my coming in. Today Lisa informed Sarah Collins that the house was now unavailable. I feel that this is underhanded, unfair and illegal. Even though the lease was not signed yet; she knew that other people had been approved. If this is true at all. Also, we believe that AGM was unfair in accepting another renter when Sarah Collins turned her application in before anyone else; as she was told by Lisa that an application had not been received by her previously. A full investigation of this complaint. We want our money $40.00 back for the application approval fee as we have been lied to.

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