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I am David Tippie the co-owner of the website.
My wife Stephanie Tippie and myself and been daily contacting ipage to get them to resolve the issue of a insecure page being shown when I do the following.

David Tippie sent the following to [protected]
Nothing you have done cured any of the problems. I launch onto Ipage, select Server Control Center, then I select launch cPanel and the page that keeps coming up is Connection Not Secure page: My email is: [protected]
This has gone on for weeks now.

Here is one email to me from ipage, telling a lie that my problem has been solved:

--- On Fri, 6/1/18, cPanel on wrote:

> From: cPanel on
> Subject: [] AutoSSL certificate installed!
> To: [protected]
> Date: Friday, June 1, 2018, 8:25 PM AutoSSL certificate installed!
Good news, AutoSSL has successfully renewed the Domain
Validated (DV) certificate for ""
This does not require any further action by you.

This is a lie — I have added the photo of the page I am directed to when I attempt to launch c-panel

Aging Younger Clinic

  • Updated by DavidTippie, Jun 03, 2018

    My with and I have contacted ipage for weeks to get this issue resolved without success and this last email stating that the issue was resolve is a LIE.

Jun 03, 2018

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