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Agile Informatics / Late payments, Fake Resume

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Phone: 510 252 1968

My experience with Agile Informatics/Kuber Infotek/TrainPRO IT/4D Solutions.

Company Background
1) Dinesh Gupta (Father) - No formal position with the company, works behind the curtain
2) Nishu Gupta (Daughter) - CEO of Agile Informatics
3) Sanjay Shah (Boyfriend of Nishu Gupta) - Trainer for IT students and hopefuls

When i was recruited they asked me to a sign a contract. I asked for a copy of it and they sent a white-guy to review it for me. He tried to explain to me that everything was ok and it would not hurt to sign they will give me a copy when i get a job after training. I never got to see the face of it till today. They asked me to pay $1500 dollars for training and asked to write a check in name of TrainPRO School of IT. They said TrainPRO is another company which provides training services for Agile. Only to find out later that all these companies are related and run under the same roof while there managing members are Dinesh Gupta's family namely his daughters and friends.

The training quality was very poor. Quite clearly Sanjay Gupta lacks the technical edge to teach IT as a subject and most of the class agreed to this. His answer to most of our questions was to 'google it'. We did not pay $1500 to learn to use I think the $1500 we put down as a deposit was for the accommodation they provided. They put a group of 5 individuals in a 2 bedroom apartment nearby, all of them studying at TrainPro which has a connecting door to Agile Informatics at the back.

After the training was done comes the Marketing team. These people are nothing but cold callers who asked us to fake our resume to 5 years so they can sell us to their clients. They would come everyday asking me to fake my resume upto 8 years at one time and ask me questions and forcing me to submit a resume. After all the lying and talking to numerous people in between i finally land an interview and a job, not with their help but my own because i googled-it at the end. Not to mention an additional fee they charged me for work visa of $1500, which by the way never came. They even failed to give a confirmation number if they filed for my visa. Agile was a only a channel, bit merely a communication link to these other vendors who have the real jobs with them.

It took them two months to give me a health insurance and around 65 days before i saw my first paycheck. And then started the episodes of me dealing with their accounting lady to get my check out. Not a single time they paid on time. I'm working day in and day out only to find out that my deposit was never to be returned and there was no raise as promised after 6 months by their recruiter initially. One day Dinesh Gupta calls me to say they will have to reduce my pay instead of increasing. This guy has the rudest mouth ever and has no manners. Later i find out he is an uneducated, ex-felon and is barred from doing business in this country which explains why. Anyways, my last resolve was to leave them for their own vendor/client. When i told them my intention to leave Dinesh Gupta blackmailed and threatened to take me to court for bypassing his client or pay him $15000. I mean he is breaking the law in the first place and then asking me to dare leave. If you do the math they owe $1500 for training refund + $1500 visa fee + upto $4000 dollars as a promised raise to me. Is this a free country or what? Anyways, thanks to a great advice from their own client/vendor who made my transition smoother as i became their employee.

I'm very sure the way this company is run its not long before they will close down soon or the law enforcement
gets to them first. Regardless of that i want the people out there to know that if you are looking for a job there is a better way of getting it than the ways of Agile Informatics.Be careful before you attempt to sign with this company and be very careful because these people can form a new company again under a different name. Just make sure you are not dealing with Dinesh Gupta, Nishu Gupta and Sanjay Shah who are running the business.

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  • Xa
      Jan 06, 2012


    Am totally agree...!!

    I know all these ###ing persons and the cheating the persons. Even Dinesh Gupta is having an unwanted child named Umesh Chander Sharma- IT expert...

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  • Ev
      Jan 30, 2012

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    Would appreciate that if you could send me your updated resume with interview sheet at [protected]

    Details given below:

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Thanks and Regards Puneet Katyal Resourcing Executive Agile Informatics [protected]

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  • Ma
      Mar 11, 2014


    I am also agree with this, These guyz totally frod and close their company Named Agile informatics. To continue their business of Frod they are working with another Name and company That is WORLDWIDE TECHNICAL SERVICES INC ( My sugessions to all other please forword this information so that no one else could be cheated.

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