AgentOwned Realty / security deposit illegitimately deducted

1 Mt. Pleasant, United States
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We had a terrible experience renting from AgentOwned Realty and we are doing something about it. Join us @agentownedvictims on Facebook and @agentownedvics on Twitter and coming soon We are gathering individual accounts to potentially demonstrate systematic issues that could be addressed through legal action, as well as advocate for reforms on a legislative level.

Our experience is similar to what many people have recounted online, ie repair and security deposit issues. We kept the home in very good condition, while dealing with water damage and mold for much of our time there. Prior to moving out at the end of June 2018, we thoroughly cleaned the home and since our encounters with AgentOwned personnel and the owner were generally pleasant, we didn't expect a problem. However, AgentOwned seized 75% of our security deposit for items that were preexisting or patently false. It was shocking, infuriating, and disappointing.

We wrote a letter to the Loadholts and management and they agreed to credit us with two thirds of the amount that was taken from us. That is unacceptable as all the items listed were illegitimate, including the replacement of a stove that was in perfect working order and had normal wear and tear of the glass top. We have filed complaints with multiple regulatory and professional agencies and will be communicating with lawmakers and media well into 2019.

This needs to be more than individuals venting or sporadically seeking relief in small claims court. AgentOwned will continue treating people this way until they are held publicly accountable and pay a financial cost. The best way to do that is for all of us to come together.

Oct 17, 2018

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