Agent Garry Walker FBI Special Agent FBI Director Mr.james Comey JrI wish to submit another complaint about the hundred or so e-mails I have received from people in Benin claiming I have won money

For about one year, I have received approximately 100 emails from a variety of persons claiming to represent the government of Benin which has awarded me several million dollars for having won a sweepstakes. Twice they have claimed to be FBI agents; several times representatives of British banks; and other ploys. Each contact requires that I send money to FedEX for the international transfer of money to me.

I have repeatedly told them I have notified the US FBI and know they are frauds and to stop sending me e-mails. Today, the second e-mail came with the sender claiming to be an FBI special agent. This e-mail I follows:

From: Diplomatic Agent Benin
Sent: Tuesday, May 2, 2017 8:35 AM
To: Diplomatic Agent Benin

Fraud Department Agent Garry Walker and Mr.James Comey Jr IIIAnti-Terrorist and Monetary Crimes Division Fbi Headquarters In Washington, D.C. Federal Bureau Of Investigation.
FBI-Washington Field Office 601 Street, NW Washington, DC 20535

Attention: Beneficiary.

Am writing to make you understand that this is AGENT GARRY WALKER representing the office of the FBI Director and our fraud department in which i head has been informed about your refusal to comply with the directives from the FBI and we are going ahead with the arrest by today and tomorrow.

We monitored your contact with this con men through our global tracking device that detect all the incoming and outgoing e-mails and telephone calls globally from all the countries of the world... We have your e-mail address under our monitoring device set-up any more e-mails to the fraudsters from you will be automatically detected...

Our concern in this issue is for your name to be cleared from the scammers list which has already been submitted to all the crimes agencies in Benin, Germany and United States Of America. We make sure that the laws are followed to the core and this is why the Benin Government which its citizen carried out the fraudulent activities with your information's which you sent to them have to compensate you with the amount as regards the FBI Laws of Sub-Section 12/13 Of the United States Anti-crimes laws.

We have in our file your details which you sent to them and we have checked and found out that you are a honest and hard working person and by this regards we decided to persuade the Benin Government to compensate you for the evil deeds that was carried out with your name.

The German man knows that you are a the person because he was duped with your identity and this fraudulent activities was carried out by the same people who you have been forwarding your information's/details to all this while with the pretense of dealing with the right offices in Africa and other countries of the world.

You will have to get the CLEARANCE from the office of the High Court of Justice in Benin at the sum of $225, 00Usd.( Dollars Only) This certificate will enable you to get access to the compensation funds of $12Million Usd which was offered to you by the Benin Government and don't forget that you need to get the document within 2 days from now as you already know the deadline given to you to secure the documents.

If not for the fact that we checked your data before acting towards this directives given to us, you would have been arrested by now and jailed because of your association with criminals in the internet and don't forget our warnings to you.

You will have to forward your bank account details to us where you want the $12Million Usd to be transferred into as soon as you secure the CLEARANCE FORM.

The German business man who was duped with your identity has reported this case to the world court and it will involve the Government of both countries which are Germany and USA and that is the reason why you must get this document immediately so as to avoid anybody calling your name as being among the fraudsters.

With the Certificate, you are free from any form of crimes as your data shows that you are a honest and respectable person in the society. You will have to send the fees to the High Court of Justice over there in Benin within 2days from now so that our local agent can be able to apply our modalities with the High Court of Justice to issue the CLEARANCE FORM to you.

Send the fees of $225, 00 Usd through Western Union Money Transfer with the name of the account officer in High Court of Justice.

Receivers Name:========JOE ANI,
Country:============= Benin Republic
City:============= Cotonou
Text Question: =====In God
Text Answer: =====We Trust
Amount: =====$225, 00Usd.

As soon as you send the fees, you will have to get back to us with the following details which are Senders Name and Address, MTCN Number, Text Question and Answer Used and the amount Sent.

As soon as all this requirements are in place, the Certificate will be issued to you and then the compensation funds of $12Million Usd will be
transferred into your bank account.

To avoid the riot of the law on your and your entire family, we have been pleased to allow you secure the document from the High Court of Justice so that your name could be cleared off the fraudulent list and we also argued with the Benin Republic Government about your compensations and that was the reason why you were compensated with the sum of $12, 000, 000 Usd.

Thanks as I wait for your response

FBI Director
Mr.James Comey Jr
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End of referenced e-mail.

I assume this e-mail is fraudulent and have been told by the FBI to move it to the spam file. It has not seemed to have worked in the past but will do it. Is there any way this e-mail harassment can be stopped?

Patricia A. Rowell
1520 Grassymeade Lane, Alexandria, VA 22308 USA

May 03, 2017

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