Agedi S.A.M. Massimo Cimatti / Massimo cimatti of agedi monaco is a fraud, and a conman

1 9 Boulevard Des Moulins, 98000 Principauté De Monaco, Monaco
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Phone: +37792165959

Massimo Cimatti is an Italian CONMAN from Milan. After defrauding many, for over 50 millions Euros in Italy, under his company NORMAN 95, committing fraudulent brankruptcy, the con man escaped to the fiscal haven of Monaco, while pursued by the law, where he became the CEO of AGEDI S.A.M., and behind which he has continued to perpetuate schemes to defraud real estate investors over 2008 Massimo Cimatti, and his partners/ Co-Conspirators, while already knowing that his company was going bankrupt in Italy went into contract with me, for an investment of 1.5 Million Euros, for the sole purpose of stealing my money. In March 2008, Massimo Cimatti promised me that upon my investment of €400.000, he would pay me back with interest a total of 1.5 Million Euros. Right after I made the bank wire transaction of 400.000 Euros, the fraudster Massimo Cimatti disappeared from the face of the earth, changing all his phone numbers, address, and any other contact information.I had to hire a Private Investigator with strong ties to the Italian Police to locate him after months of looking for him. After days and night of staking out outside of his hideout I finally caught him on the street walking his dog, at what point he was very scared and nervous and promised me my money back. He immediately gave me 30.000 Euros and since then he has only given me excuses, lies and all types of professional scams and promises, never resulting in any payment. He then disappeared again for a few years till I found him in Monaco, living a very luxurious and wealthy lifestyle, driving an Aston Martin (of an estimated value of €130.000) and at the head of one of the most successful and prosperous real estate agency in Monaco: AGEDI S.A.M. ( Agedi Agence Immobiliére á Monaco). I started pursing him again, to no avail. Mr. Massimo Cimatti is a professional liar, thief and scammer, who only operates thru FRAUD.While very worried for his integrity and reputation in Monaco, he has once again attempted to make false promises, by signing a contract in January 2013 of 10.000€ a month that he would pay me directly from AGEDI every month, promising me cash under the table as well. Till today I have not seen my money yet, only excuses. The contract is fraudulent, and has been reported to Monaco Expansion Economique (The government Agency that regulates and sanctions businesses in Monaco), and has turned out to be completely illegal. Once again Massimo Cimatti is using a legitimate business as a front to his completely illegal and fraudulent activities. Massimo Cimatti is a "wanted" man by disgruntled defrauded investors, banks and companies in Italy, all of whom have no idea that he is leading a very comfortable lifestyle in fiscal haven Monaco. He lives in the most prestigious residence in Monaco ( Park St Roman) and drives the most expansive cars, he supports a wife and 5 children in the upper-crust community of London and is seen often spending extravagantly. Massimo Cimatti is a CON MAN, a THIEF, a FRAUDSTER, who also makes threats. He has many times threatened me saying that he has friends who could hurt me physically if I insisted, and even mentioned his ties to the mob (Italian Mafia).I have been too nice to this unscrupulous man, who has taken advantage of me and of many. Today I will stop at nothing to get my money back and get justice. He has to be stopped before he scams many others in Monaco, and every where else. I have already started reporting the matter to all government agencies in Monaco, and I have also contacted the banks, and authorities in Italy that have been looking for him for so long. Mr. Massimo Cimatti of Agedi S.A.M.(and of NORMAN 95) is not only facing jail time, but is also looking at permanent expulsion from Monaco, where such crimes are not tolerated. Mr. Massimo Cimatti is also facing serious charges for Bank Fraud, with intent to defraud large amounts of money. I would not be surprised if he used AGEDI S.A.M. for money laundering endeveours as well. If anyone is in the same situation, or is attempting to locate Mr. Cimatti, or would like more information on the matter feel free to contact me [protected]

French Translation :
Massimo Cimatti, representant legal de l'agence immobiliére AGEDI S.A.M. Monaco et de Norman 95, est un escroc. Qui depuis 1995 a aujourd'hui a commis des escroqueries dans l'investissement immobilier. Il a detourné plus de 50 Millions d'Euros en Italie et s'est echappé et caché au paradis fiscal de Monaco afin d'echaper aux poursuite judiciaires pénales. A Monaco il a detourné plus de 1, 5 Million D'euros d'un investistisseurs en 2008, cachant blanchissage d'argent et fraude fiscale derriere la société Agedi S.A.M. L'investisseur n'a jamais recuperé son argent mais en plus Massimo Cimatti qui se vente souvent de ses liens avec la mafia Italienne a aussi menacé l'investisseur d'atteindre a sa vie si celui ci continuait ses poursuites.L'escroquerie ne s'arrete pas la, Massimo Cimatti cache ses actes frauduleux avec faux et usages de faux de contrats fictives qui ont étè signalés a l'expansion economique monegasque et aux autorités gouvernementales de la principauté de Monaco. Mr. Massimo Cimatti ne s'arrete a rien pour retourner des fonds, c'est un voleur et arnaquer professionel qui par recours a soit l'usage de faux noms et d'une fausse qualité, et par l'abus d'une qualité vraie, et par l'emploi de manœuvres frauduleuses, trompes individus et banques et de les déterminer ainsi, á leur préjudice de remettre des fonds, ou des biens quelconque, sans aucune intention jamais de remboursement. Mr. Massimo Cimatti vit une vie luxueuse et aisée a Monaco ou il conduit une Aston Martin d'une valeur de 130 000€ et ou il vit dans la residence de Parc St Roman, la residence la plus prestigieuse et chere de Monaco. Il soutient un train de vie extravagant pour lui meme a Monaco, ainsi que son ex epouse et ses 5 enfants dans la communauté la plus aisée et bourgeoise de Londres. Mr. Cimatti continue a se defiler de ses obligations en faisant des promesses malhonnête et en emisant des menaces. Mr. Massimo Cimatti est un ESCROC a eviter a tout prix a Monaco et ailleurs.

Agedi S.A.M. Massimo Cimatti

Aug 11, 2014

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