Age Rewind SkinBeyond ridiculous

This company is crazy better stay away or you will lose all your money! I found AgeRewindSkin website and subscribed, after that I have ordered few creams, just wanted to try those. I received my order and then I left a review that I was very excited and really liked the creams, but they decided that I need more creams to buy since I liked the first ones. I was never planning to do that, but they charged my card without my permission and started sending me creams. Absolutely ridiculous! Contacted their customer service and told them that I don't need the creams and demanded my money back. They said that they thought I want more of their products. I said that I liked the products but that did not mean that I was planning to waste all of my money on creams! They gave me only partial refund but that is better than nothing.

Apr 19, 2016

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