[Resolved] A'gaci / return item

San Juan, United States

Good morning!
I am writing to you for the reason that I had a very bad experience in your store in Plaza Las Americas in Puerto Rico. Friday night at 8:30 at night I went to his store and bought a jumpsuit which I was not very convinced, as it was late and the store was close to close I told the employee that I was going to measure in my I'm fine with a piece that I had in my house and if I did not like it I was going to change it the next day and I asked her if they gave me back the money, which she answered yes. In fact I arrive at my house I measure it and I do not like it, I go on Friday after leaving work, with my purchase receipt to exchange it for other merchandise. As it was late I also did not want to waste my time going around and I went to an employee to help me choose a change of clothes and her help was to tell me which wall was each piece, which bothered me since I needed to attend and it will help me get something because the employees know where everything is and what is the newest thing that has come to tempt, etc. As they could not help me I decided to go to another store to buy a change of clothes and then I went to make the change, I give the goods confident that I will have no problem, to my surprise the tag had left the piece and when I realized it was in the bag, I explained to the employee that she did not know how that had come from there and she told me that she could not accept it, she indicated that the tag was in perfect condition and that it was the day before I bought it, I have the receipt and for nothing I wanted to accept it, I indicated that it was the next day to talk to the manager. The next day I talk again with the manager, which I did not like her attitude at all and she did not want to change me either. It's quite frustrating that something happened that was not in my hands, because I go back and repeat, I did not realize how that came out, do not want me to change the merchandise, if I had used the merchandise I was not wearing this so far, but it's not fair. I worked for many years in the clothing store and I was a manager and if I know there are people who are ready and people who use the merchandise and return them, etc., but in my case that was not the situation, also as I indicated my intention was I bought the merchandise in the same store and they did not give me the help. I hope you can resolve me with this situation. Thank you.

  • Resolution statement

    The manager resolve me the situation.

Oct 22, 2018

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