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San Antonio, TX, United States
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I placed an order on the Agaci website on 11/1/18

After a week of not receiving my package- I went to the website to track it. The information given by the tracking number was : Waiting Allocation (Not enough stock) I then called the customer service line. I was told 2 out of the 11 items I purchased were no longer available but that the rest of my items were preparing to ship. A few more days went by & the tracking was still giving me the same info. I called again to CS. This time I was told that 9 out of my 11 items are out of stock and only 3 items were available. At this point I became very frustrated. She said that she would have to cancel the entire order and I would need to go back online to purchase the items that were available. I told her this was unacceptable. She became rude with me. I asked her to just refund me my entire purchase. She said okay fine. I asked for a reference number for the refund and she said she would email it to me. I told her no I need something right now. I was then placed on hold for a little while. She comes back to me with a number and then said have a good day and hung up on me !!! Like- really ?? Did that just happen— I thought to myself ! I placed a 60$ order in which the company took my money out of my bank. I didn't receive any emails about the status of my order or that their were any issues. I had to keep calling to find out. I should have been offered some type of promotional coupon to shop again because of this incident. I did not even get any thing but sorry !!! Alll 11 items you ordered has to be canceled!!! I will never order from their site again. I will have to shop at my local Agaci store. Their Customer Service is extremely horrible!!! Never again !!!

Nov 09, 2018

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