A'gaci / location store # 207 customer service

Milpitas, CA, United States

My name is Catherine Trujillo I live in Livermore California. Email address [protected], phone # [protected].
On 1/14/18 I made a purchase of 2 clothing items in your store in Milpitas, Ca. Due to unforeseen issues I needed to return items. I went back to the same store on 2/25/18. Unfortunately the time allotment that you state on your web sight of 30 days for a refund had past. So all I wanted was an exchange (your web sight does NOT have a time period on exchanges) To my dismay there were signs hung up in store #207 stating that the store is closing, also at registers there was 2 visible signs (I took a picture of one) stating "STORE CLOSING ALL SALES FINAL No exchanges or refunds on purchases after February 23, 2018". Now how that sign is worded it is not saying "We will not be doing any kind of refunds or exchange from this date forward".
I was attended to by a woman who claimed to be a store manager (Jullissa is her name). I told her I knew I was past the date to get a refund, so all I wanted was an even exchange. She told me she could not do it due to the date I purchas d it. Now according to your web site as mentioned above it does not store a time limit on exchanges, and it wasn't like I made the purchase a year ago. She (Jullissa) refereed to the sign on the counter in front of other register, that they can no longer accept either refunds or exchanges. I referred to my purchase date that it was before the date stated on the store sign. She rudely (but respectfully) told me that the computerized registers would not allow them do do a transaction like that, do to what ever restrictions were placed on them. Then she rudely dismissed me. I asked if I could have the corporate phone number. She said no that she was not allowed to give that out. Then I asked to speak with a manager. She made a phone call to someone spoke with them hung up and handed me a business card for the mall that your store is in. After I had asked her for a card with corporate info on it. At that time she became disrespectful and just kept say good bye and calling the next customer, even though I wasn't finished.


Feb 25, 2018

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