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After Hours tuxedos rentals / Very, very negative experience with After Hours tuxedos

1 Canada

We had a very, very negative experience with After Hours tuxedos last weekend. It began with their Ann Arbor, Michigan store listing the grooms name incorrectly, followed by a groomsman who was calling with his measruements long-distance from Canada being told (by a person in the Traverse City, Michigan) store to call back later as she was too busy to take any measurements from him. He emailed the groom who then called After Hours and complained, and gave them the Canadian guy's measurements. Four days before the wedding the bride called After Hours in Traverse City to see when the tuxes would be in and was told that they had inadvertantly been sent to three different locations, but "should" be in by the next day. On that Thursday the groom's dad made the one hour drive to Traverse City to pick up the tuxes. He tried his on and it seemed to be OK, as were most of the the others. But when the Canadian fellow arrived on Friday morning and tried his tux on, the trouble began. He is, at best, 5' 2" tall and the tux was a 37R with a 38" inch outseam on the pants. The jacket sleeves fell well past his fingertips and the bottom hem of the jacket was almost at his knees. The pants were at least 2 1/2 " too long and the crotch fell halfway to his knees. The groom's dad called the store to ask for a smaller tux and was told that they couldn't get one, but that the store manager would meet him at the rehearsal dinner and "fix" the tux. His shoes were also 2 sizes larger than ordered.
The store manager met the dad at the rehearsal dinner and the only "fix" she offered was shortening the pants and coat sleeves. We were stuck at this point, so the groomsman wore the tux as is.
After the wedding we called After Hours in T.C. to complain and the manager, "Chris" pretty stated clearly that she did not feel any responsiblity for the lousy fit because she would have "fixed" anything that we didn't like if she had been told in time. She apparently feels that as long as the tux's
pants are not dragging on the floor and the guy can find his hands in the coat sleeves, it's a good enough fit. Never mind that the guy obviously looked like he was wearing a tux 2-3 sizes too large that had merely been cobbled together. She offered no refunds (even though their own computer showed that they had given the guy the wrong shoes) and no apology.

No one ever apologized throughout the whole situation. That should tell you all you need to know about After Hours tuxedos.


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