Afsheen Khan / not provided landline service

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I m very much disappointed with the behavior of Telecom District Manager Mr. Meena due to not providing a land line connection of BSNL at Saket nagar, Jhalawar, Rajasthan. I have been submitting lot of written applications from 3 months for the same but apart from this the entire staff of Jhalawar BSNL treat us very rudely specially Mr. Meena .

The Excuse of BSNL Staff, regarding the above matter is " We are unable to give the connectivity of bsnl due to our contractor because He does this work and if he does not want to do this upto 1 year than also we r helpless" .

All above said is being focused by me because such kind of immature work spoils BSNL service due to some irresponsible and rude officers.

Kindly take this matter very seriously and do some needfull.

Afsheen Khan
Jhalawar (RAJ.)

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