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I am currently an employee of this company. The Branch Manager Nico Grobler has verbally abused me and my colleagues for a period of time without reprise. His threatened me and others with loss of our jobs and has to an extent in the presence of other emplyees called me a DERROAGTIVE racial names. Nico has repeated told me that he does not want blacks in this company and that he will get rid of the handful of blacks he has in management one way or another. His also stated publically that he has no respect whatsoever for his black or rather kaffa boss, Prof.Vilikaza who is a director of that company. His told us in meetings and one on ones that whites take prefference over all these blacks here. He has told me to my face that my word holds no water with him unless a white manager can back my word. His also told us that this company is going nowhere and that Mr Ludwig the owner is an absolute idiot for getting into bed with blacks maning business. That his a disgrace to the white race. His told all the black people employed there that there will be no lunch break for them they designed to work like animals. We have complained extensively about him and his conduct but too no avail. We over worked paid on days that suit them best even though our contracts state the 7th of the month we told the 15, 16, or 17th take it or leave it and if w complain we going to be booked for disciplinary hearings. We told to shut up and take what we get or get out as there are others who are willing to step in on their terms. We are told to go to hell if our rents and debit orders dont go off they not paying the cost or debit orders returned. We told that even their clients hate or tollerate us black people so we dont stand a dogs chance. The y mentioned to us that both Sasol and Woolworths tolerate us black people and that with or without us their business is flourishing so the black man is not needed. In Mr Nico's words ' ### these Kaffas they think the country belongs to them we at Africa Security Solutions will show them who is still in charge, these monkeys think they have us but we will show them' For everythin g the white staff do including manangers his the first one to cover it up. The blacks are constantly sent to hearings and in most cases fired and replaced by white. His confirmed to all blacks that they are ### ups in his opinion. The staff are extremely unhappy and just do not know anymore where to turn for help. They are threatened daily. This man has threatened that they will never work in this industry ever again if he had anything to do with it. So I want to let all their clients know that you gladly support them and help grow their business in our democracy but they blatantly disrespect it all and call you all idiots or rather black lover or suck ups. So please go ahead and keep supporting their company. RACISM IS FOR REAL IN AFRICA SECURITY SOLUTION.!!!

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  • Ca
      Dec 13, 2008


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  • Bo
      Feb 16, 2009

    Dear Cathy,

    I find it difficult to believe that an organisation with so many employees will have one person only who makes such a wild allegation. What concerns me a little is that I have personally worked in the mentioned company and I am a black female and have worked with Mr. Nico for years and years. I have never experience what you imply is happening in that company. Mr. Nico has been only fair (although he is very strict) and his actions were always above reproach. My advice to you is...if you can't handle discipline then go find yourself another job! I am just wondering about the other side of the story? I am forever thankful for the start Africa Security Solutions offered me and the knowledge that I had the opportunity to get.

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  • Ja
      Mar 02, 2009

    I agree with Bongi 100%. I have been employed at this company since 2006. I have also never experienced what Cathy she is claiming. I expirienced Africa Security Solution to be a strict company with serious discipline. I belief it is the reason why this company is able to give such great service to clients. Maybe Cathy is hiding something and there is another side of the story. Perhaps Cathy was part of the persons who got into trouble for fake doctors letters and fraud and now he is trying to cover her own mestake to say that Mr. Nico he is a racist. And why is Cathy complaining for her salary? Our salaries are all higher than what is prescribed under minimum wages. I am proud to be working in this company and when I am asked to put in extra hours I do not complain because I am proud of my job inside this company. Mr. Nico has taught me to be a disciplined employee and to enforce discipline on the sites where I am responsible. If I get trouble, it is because I made a mestake and is my responsibility. It is Mangements job to discipline and maybe if Cahty cant take it, she is hiding something. And I am proud to be on the Africa team and it is breaking my heart to see Cathy is saying untrue things about this company.

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  • Je
      May 06, 2009


    You should be ashamed. This is only thing I can say. I love my company. It was by accident that I read these thing you say. You are not talking truth. People like you give bad names to good compannies. This company is not a fly by night company. They have looked after me and my family for the last three years. Mr. Nico is a fair man. He do not ask ayone to do sumthing if he is not willing to do it for himself also. I may be a black man, and Nico is a white man, but we are both men and we have always showed respect to each other. Cathy should not make t hese thing about talking some lies.

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