Affordable Dental / Lower partial denture

Went to affordable dental in George 138 Stockbridge ga I bought the metal castings partical denture from the frost day this thing was crooked they tell me to remove one tooth I went to my dentist to removed it they took the impression I waited 3 weeks to get the denture from day one it was missing one tooth they took it around the back add one tooth when they try it in it was so uncomfortable I say no way they took it back do something with it and come back still the same they say were it a couple days and see I had to call the next day for them to adjust it I went back 3 times in the pace of 1 month for adjusting this thing can't eat on one side of my mouth when I told the young lady where it hurt she says she can't file in the frame work it's not my fault why the denture was made like this it's a horrible job and it's uncomfortable to eat with I am tried of going back for adjustment it comes back the same it look so ill fitting terrible job I pay $975 for this lower partical. That's hurting my mouth when I eat. What can I do how to get my money back

Mar 18, 2017

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