Aerotel Transit Hotel Singapore / reserved room in hotel was replaced by swimming pool and jacuzzi 3 hour access

On the 22nd of May 2018 I booked a single room for my husband in the Aerotel Hotel which was advertised on Expedia. The room was pictured and was very small but I went through and made the choices related to it and the booking was completed and the email confirmation sent to my husband which he looked at and confirmed was one single futon, non smoking and the checkout date was May 23 and checkout date was May 24, confirmed. Upon arrival at the hotel he was told that he had booked 3 hours in the jacuzzi and swimming pool, this was total fraud on the part of the Aerotel Transit Hotel Singapore, when my husband complained the staff at the front desk told him this happens four or five times a day with people booking a room and being told that they had booked the swimming pool. This hotel is defrauding people and Expedia is supporting this by allowing this hotel to operate through them. Please return our money, I told my husband that he should have called the police immediately but he was reluctant and exhausted and had to remain awake in the airport until his flight left the next morning. We are very upset and dissatisfied by this experience, you expect to find legitimate business on the Expedia suite not fraudulent hotels selling fake rooms online. Please reject these criminals and please ensure that our $24. 00 is returned to us immediately, thankyou. The booking was made under my husbands name is Christopher Smith and the booking was made on the 22nd of May for the night of the 23rd of May and checking out 24th of May for the Aerotel Transit Hotel Terminal 1 Singapore. Please reply to my complaint regarding this fraud, sincerely Christine Birt if required I can be contacted on [protected] or by phone at +[protected]...looking forward to hearing from you.

Jun 10, 2018

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