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S Nov 14, 2017

To management (Aerial Excellence / DSTV Multichoice)
Refer: reservation Code 101557
DSTV customer: #[protected]
Very disappointed and frustrated with service.
On Thurs 9th Nov took my current PVR to Aerial Excellence in Edenvale as it was faulty. I was informed I could pay R1999 and receive a new Explorer and an additional HD5 decoder (with installation included) in order to maintain my ability to watch 3 separate channels on 3 separate TV's.
The installation was booked for Monday 13th and someone would call me prior to arriving as I made it clear I worked in Bryanston and would take me at least 45 minutes to get home in Kempton Park. The technicians arrived at my home at 12h30 unannounced (when asked why, seemingly the branch forgot to call me). As I was still in Bryanston I had to then get them to return later in the afternoon at the earliest 15H30. They returned at 15H00 but I only got home at 15H30.
After briefing for over 30 minutes in terms of options for installation there was a power failure and the installation had to be postponed to the next day. The technician (Johannes) ensured me he would brief the next technicians in terms of what needed to be done so that I wouldn't have to go through this with them again tomorrow. Again I was told that the technicians would call me before arriving as I would be at work. When not hearing anything at 12H00 I called the branch to find out if they were still coming and Donna ensured me they were and would be there after 15H00. I ensured I was home for 15H00. At 16H15 there was still no sign of them so I called the branch again and Donna ensured me they were finishing up at another installation and would then be on their way. At 17h10 they still were not here and I could no longer get through to the branch as they were closed. They then arrived at 18h30 while we had just sat down for dinner.
When asked why they hadn't called me to let me know they said the company does not pay for their airtime! They also then asked me what had to be done and I said to them that Johannes was supposed to brief them to save time and effort, clearly this had not happened as they then got on the phone to Johannes to discuss (funny that as I thought the company did not pay for their airtime!).
I said to them that they would have to wait 10 minutes while we finished dinner. When I walked out they were working on a satellite dish in my driveway and I asked if that was going to be installed here (as at no stage was it made clear that a satellite dish was part of the package - I would have queried this as there was nothing wrong with the dish I have and this would clearly be a waste of money) they said no it was not going to be installed. I mentioned they could carry on with the installation. The next thing is one of them walks into my lounge carrying the satellite dish and the wall bracket and when I asked what he was doing he said this is mine and I should put it somewhere. Clearly I told him that this was not part of the package and he said it was, but I had never agreed to this as these dishes cost over R800 and the one I have works fine so why would I need another one. The other technician the confirmed that he can put this one up but why when the current one is perfect and I can give him the new one (!!??).
I then made it clear to them that I will be contacting Aerial Excellence and DSTV for a refund as all this service is totally unacceptable and asked them to leave.
They did so but proceeded to speed in our complex when they had been told at the main gate (and there are clear road signs) that the speed limit is 30km/h and they must adhere to this due to many children in the complex.
Please advise on the following:
1. Why do the technicians not use their mobile phones to communicate ETA's with customers?
2. Why was I not briefed on the inclusion of a new Dish when I don't need one? Could save at least R500
3. Why was I not briefed on another cheaper solution i.e.: two HD5 decoders instead of an Explorer and a HD5 decoder? Could also have saved around another R500
4. On the DSTV website it mentions that there is additional monthly costs for a swop-out, is this correct? If so why was I not informed of this?
5. Why did the briefings from one technician to another not happen?
6. Most importantly how do I go about getting this installation completed ASAP or alternatively receive a full refund that I can take my business elsewhere.
What I want is the cheapest option available to ensure I still have the same services I currently had with my dual view PVR and Explorer linked to the 7 TV's in my home.
It has now been almost a week since my first visit to aerial Excellence in Edenvale and I still do not have the services I am paying for from Multichoice.
Perhaps I need to cancel all subscriptions with Multichoice / DSTV and invest in my entertainment needs through Netflix or other similar offerings.
I would like to be contacted and receive feedback from Senior Management.
Scott Crawford

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