Aeorobed / Rip off

United States

I would not recommend a aerobed to anyone. My first aerobed I bought in May 08 I had to return it to the store because of the seam being messed up the second one I used it 3 time and the seam came apart. It took the company over several months to replace the bed and then they had to send me a different kind because the one I had was on back order I was told and then I was told that it was discontinued. When I received the replacement in August of 09 I pump it up just to see if it would work and did not leave it up to see if it would hold air all night because I did not have the room to leave it up long. I put it away on the top self of a closet and left it untill i needed it on March 29.2010. I took it out when we needed it and pumped it up to discover it had a split in the seam and the valve leaks. When I contacted Aerobed they told me that the new bed was not under warranty because they went back to the date of the original aerobed purchase. I don't recommend anyone buying a aerobed if they want to be able to use them.


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