AECFCO Government Grants / Apple iTunes card worth 200 dollars

Yes Richard hanack from government grants department called me yesterday around 600 clock at this phone number [protected] at ext 444 and said he was from the government grants department and I will be awarded 9, 200 .He talked me into buying apple atones cards too that worth 200 dollars and I called apple store too see what was going on and they told me the this person used these cards to buy products off of apple atones and I don't even have a apple or atones account the number to apple atones is1800-692-7753 and I spoke with someone there and the person worked there told me this my name is Keith Neely and my reference number is [protected] and my claim number is 3291986 and the code on one apple I tunes card is XHZ6FN7PLVCPLTF4 and the code on the other card is XRFHL8VLR4RGVP2H and the number to the state finance department is [protected].

Mar 31, 2017

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