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A&E Factory Service / bad service

1 400 W. Warner AvenueSanta Ana, CA, United States Review updated:
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My family's refrigerator was not working. So I contacted A&E Factory Service. First time A&E Factory Service technician came out was on August 23, 2008, Saturday. Technician started diagnosing the problem and said that the total would be $345.28 (which includes $75 diagnostic fee) to have refrigerator to work. I figured that by paying that amount of money for repair, the refrigerator would work again as it used to be. So I agreed to that estimate and the technician replaced an adaptive defroster and did some other labor. After the technician was done with his work, I paid $345.28 with my debit card and he left my house. After several hours, I have noticed that the refrigerator was still not working. I was upset so I called A&E Factory Service (same day, approximately around 7:00PM). I spoke to the customer representative and she said that the earliest date that another technician can come out is August 25, 2008, Monday. I told her that date would not work since no one would be in house that day. I asked her if she can schedule an appointment on Saturday, August 30, 2008. She said `Yes` and supposedly scheduled an appointment on that day. Before I hung up, I asked her if there is going to be another diagnostic fee and she said `No`. After I heard that, I hung up. On Saturday, August 30, 2008, around afternoon, I called A&E Factory Service to make sure that the technician is coming out to the house. However, when I spoke to the customer agent, I was upset and furious to hear that the appointment was not made on August 30, 2008. Instead the appointment was set up on August 25, 2008. However when I spoke to the agent on August 23, 2008, I clearly said that the appointment needs to be on August 30 and that was the date the agent said she would set up an appointment to. I was furious and spoke to one of their manager.
That manager said that she was sorry about the inconvenience and that she would set up another appointment on September 6, 2008. On September 6, 2008, A&E technician named Ricardo came out approximately around 3:30PM. He started diagnosing the refrigerator and said that the evaporator and compressor needs to be replaced. He gave me an estimate of little over $1000. Since that was way too much, I told the technician that we are not going to get it repaired. After that, he told me that I would have to pay $75 for diagnostic fee. I was enraged to hear that. So I told him that I refuse to pay another $75 diagnostic fee. Two reasons on why I refused to pay $75 fee were: (1) I already paid $75 diagnostic fee when the first technician came out on August 23, 2008. He could have diagnosed all the problems from the beginning. He could have diagnosed on that day that there were problems with adaptive defroster, evaporator, and compressor. However he partially diagnosed the problem that there was a problem with adaptive defroster(which is a BIG mistake for any technician. Any technician should diagnose the problem all the way). (2) When I spoke to customer agent on August 23, 2008 around 7PM, she said that I would NOT have to pay another $75 fee. I told the technician those reasons above. However, all he would say was that since both repair/diagnosis were two different ones (one on August 23 and one on September 6), he would still have to get a diagnostic fee from me. I called A&E Factory Service at [protected] and spoke to another customer agent. She basically told me the same thing. I kept refusing to pay another $75 diagnostic fee. Ricardo, the technician, said that I have two options, which were either (1) I pay $75 diagnostic fee, or (2) I do not pay and possibly get billed later. I still refused to pay. So he left the house. I am extremely dissatisfied about the service I received from A&E Factory Service. When the first technician came out on August 23, 2008, if he would have done the job right, he would have diagnosed all the problem. However, he partially diagnosed the problem and made me pay $345.28. Thing is, if he did diagnose all the problems from the beginning and let me know that adaptive defroster, evaporator, and compressor would have to be replaced, I would have declined the repair service from the beginning because that would cost too much! (Just to get an adaptive defroster replaced was $345.28. Since the quote to get evaporator and compressor replaced was around $1000, the total would have been around $1400). This is almost as if A&E Factory Service purposely diagnosed the problem partially so they would get some money out from me. As a consumer, this is totally not acceptable. Like I stated above, I would have declined the repair service completely if the technician would have done the job right and quote that it would cost around $1400 to get my refrigerator to work from the beginning (with $1400, I can just go out and buy another refrigerator). So as a consumer, only solution that will going to satisfy me is that I get a full refund of $345.28 (from August 23) and get assurance from A&E that I will not get billed a diagnostic fee of $75.

Resolution Wanted: 1. Get a full refund of $345.28. 2. Get an assurance that I do not get billed a diagnostic fee of $75. 3. Properly train technicians to do diagnostics properly so similar incidents will not happen to others. 4. Train technicians to not to be rude to customers (Ricardo was being rude to me. He would constantly cut me off and start talking when I try to explain the situation. 5. Properly train customer agents to set up appointments.

This is the exact complaint I submitted to California DCA

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  • Ri
      28th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Stay away - They are absolutely terrible.

  • Da
      28th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    A warning is nice, but it isn't the least bit helpful if you don't explain what the problem is.

    What happened? What did you want repaired? What did the company do wrong?

  • Ma
      29th of Apr, 2010
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    On April 28th 2010, I scheduled an appointment with A&E to fix the dryer, the representative was not able to fix the first time he arrived at my home 8 days prior. I took a half day from work during the busiest time of the year for me to wait for the rep. I was told he came to my home twice and I did not answer the door.

    I am not sure whose home they went to or if they even bothered to show but they did not come to my house. I sat at my kitchen table for 4 hours waiting for them to come. I was in contact with them 5 times during the day to get some answers and gave them specific instructions to call when they arrived at my home (to avoid the so-called missed appointment; do you think they extended the courtesy to call before leaving? Of course not.)

    The next day I rescheduled the appointment told them to call before they were on there way and to call when they arrived. I schedule a specific time with them and was assured by the representative they would be able to accomodate that time as I was not able to take any additional time from work.

    Again they claimed they went to my house and I missed the appointment and of course again did not call.

    The dispatch has no way to communicate to the repair reps that they sent out and the only recourse I get is "Sorry we missed you lets reschedule for another day". I DO NOT WANT TO RESCHEDULE MY DRYER HAS BEEN OUT OF ORDER FOR 10DAYS... I HAVE TODDLERS AT HOME, CAN YOU IMAGINE THE LAUNDRY BUILDUP?

    Anyway I finally got smart and rescheduled with another company... but can I really only blame the service company.. why did my dryer break down after only having it for less than 6 months? Maytag?

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