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In late March 2017, I called A&E Factory Service about my 4-year-old Roper/Whirlpool refrigerator/freezer, which was no longer cooling properly (it was about 50-60 degrees in the refrigerator, and 20-30 in the freezer). The first available appt. was approx. 1 week later. The technician who came on that day said that the problem was caused by a faulty default timer, and replaced it at a charge of $210.36, as this part was no longer under warranty. I continued to have problems with it cooling properly, so I called them again and they said that the next available appt. was April 11. On April 11, another technician came and said that it was not the default timer causing the problem, but the thermostat, and replaced that part at no charge.

In early June, I once again began to have cooling problems, and this time there was frost build-up in my frost-free freezer, and the refrigerator was running constantly, never going through the defrost cycle. The next available appt. was over a week later, on June 17. On June 17 a senior technician came and said that it was the defrost timer as the first technician had said, but that the first technician had incorrectly installed the new timer. He said he fixed the timer and I should have no further problems. He also said that he was "too busy" to give me the computer receipt and printout, and that if I had any further problems to contact him on his cell phone. The refrigerator did cool better for a few days, but it still wouldn't go through the defrost cycle, and the frost continued to build up, and the motor continued running, and eventually the temperature inside the refrigerator began to go up again to almost 50 degrees. I tried contacting the sr. technician on his cell phone, but he would never answer and I had to leave several messages before he returned my calls. He said he would try to come by the next day after his shift was over, but he did not call me as he said he would, and when I called him and left him another message, he did call back on my cell (I programmed his number), but when I answered, he either hung up or we got somehow disconnected. I called him again, this time paging him, and he never called back.

So I made another appt. with A&E Factory Service, and the next available appt. wasn't for 8 more days, scheduled between 8 AM and 12 PM. I stayed home from work waiting for the repairman, but when he didn't call or arrive by 12 PM, I called customer service and was told that he was "running late" and he had two more customers to take care of before he could get to me. I asked the operator to have the technician call me with an ETA of when he would be coming, because I had to be at work in the afternoon, and I had to drive 40 miles to get there. 45 minutes passed, and I did not get a call, so I called back, and once again I was promised that I would get a call about the ETA. Another 45 minutes passed without word, and when I called a third time, around 2 PM, a routing manager told me that the technician would be there later in the afternoon. I explained that I had to be at work, and could not wait another week plus for the next available appt., which the previous customer service rep said would be July 7. This time the routing manager said he could get me an appt. between 8 AM and 5 PM today, July 1.

A customer service rep from Sears Home Repair (affiliated with A&E Factory Service) called to confirm my appt. on June 30. When I spoke to her, I asked if the technician would call before coming, and she said "maybe", which led me to believe that he would be coming with or without a prior phone call. At about 3:10 PM I checked my cell phone and realized that I had a missed call, but there was no message. I called the number back, and it turned out to be from the technician, who said that he would be right over. When he arrived nearly an hour later, he took a look at the refrigerator and said that it was indeed a problem with the default timer. He turned a switch with the screwdriver, which made the refrigerator fan stop running for the first time in over 3 weeks. Then he said that because I did not answer the phone when he first called, I was no longer in the computer system and he could not perform the repair, and he left.

Furious by this point, I called Sears Home Repair again and explained what this guy had just done, and the rep said that the guy was lying or was wrong, that I was still in the computer system, and that he would have him come back to my home. I realized at this point that when the technician had turned the switch on the defrost timer, the fan was no longer working, and the temperature in the refrigerator was beginning to rise into the 60s, and my food was in grave danger of spoiling. If he had not been able to come back, I would have lost all of my food to spoilage!

The technician called me to confirm he would be coming back, and when I asked him if he had the correct part, he said yes, no problem. Finally around 7 PM he came back. After taking out the defrost timer and going to his truck, he came back and said that he had a defrost timer, but it wasn't the right size! He still installed it, and showed me that it was indeed allowing the refrigerator fan to run again, but that he would have to order the correct part, and he could not give me an ETA on when I could expect the right part to be ready. I'm not at all convinced that when the "right part" does come in, that the problem will be fixed. I've already had the defrost timer replaced once, and it didn't fix the problem.

I have filed a complaint with the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

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  • La
      23rd of Jan, 2007
    0 Votes

    Hello, My husband works for A&E and all he does is run into spoiled, dumb people. He does his best to help the customers, but he is always getting screwed by them, so do you blame that techs do get burned out from hearing peoples crap day in day out. Why don't ya'll try and walking in their shoes for a day. They didn't break you all stuff. Heres a thought blame the brand not the tech. American people are so spoil and stupid!!!

  • Ff
      22nd of May, 2009
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    A&E - ice maker still not working
    A7E Service
    Cape Coral
    United States

    Well its been a month since I tried to get my ice maker fixed and three service calls and still it's not yet another final part came and I was told by the we care department at Sears : sorry the best we can do is sometime Monday( a holiday and by the way we will be there sometime between 8 and 5)...despite the fact that i was promised by both the technician and the customer support person (Amelia) that when I received the parts I would get next day service. The repair was suppose to be $135 . We are currently at $350. when I told them Iwas dissatisfied today to cancel the appt and refund my money I was told they couldnt do that despite the 100% satisfaction gaurantee...Dont ever call Sears for home appliance repair and never use A&E service.

  • Ma
      5th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes
    A&E - Shoddy repair job and awful customer service
    United States

    We have a recalled maytag portable dishwasher. the heating element apparently overheats and causes fires. An A&E technician was sent to fix this issue. Arriving an hour late, he came in argueeing that our dishwasher was not one in the recall because it is a portable and not mounted in a counter. Maytag sent this man, not us calling him. After further investigation, he agreed to change the heating element, but he was grumbeling that he is a garage door and treadmill repair man and he is tired of dishwashers. This feller rolled our dishwasher around like a our home was a roller rink, then he plopped it on it's side, spilling water all over our kitchen. When my wife got him a towel, he looked at her like she was his maid.

    Anyway, he changed the element and began replacing the bottom heat shield. First he tried to put the thing in backwards. When my wife corrected him, he hurried to try and get things done. the edge of the heatshield got caught where his hand couldn't reach, so he took a screwdriver and stabbed a whole in it and pulled it into place like we wouldn't notice. After all was said and done, he was supposed to run the appliance to make sure everything was done correctly. Instead he took off complaining that he had more dishwashers to do.

    While trying to remedy this situation, we asked a manager to call us. Assured by A&E, It has taken over Three weeks for this ole Girl to call, and she is anything but accomidating. We love Sears, but it is no wonder thay are on the verge of Bankrupcy with service techs. like this.

  • Br
      6th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    That is exactly my problem with A & E, after fixing my oven for the required repair, the technician pinched a ribbon cable and totally disabled the microwave and oven. To get it repaired, I was asked to pay for the parts in advance and a new service call because this was a separate issue. Yea it's a separate issue it's your fault and you refuse to acknowledge it. If you see A & E run away! Try using the Super Guarantee from the and they will guarantee their repair and service up to $500. A & E sucks.

  • Ma
      8th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes
    A&E - technician
    9520 Lindsey Dr.
    El Paso
    United States
    Phone: 915-422-5775

    I went into store at ceilo vista in el paso on 8/1 warranty replacement picked a 50' tv and delivery/installation was 8/3 12-5pm no one showed up then i called they said deliveruy would be sat 8/4 no one showed up sun I called to ckeck they did not know mon I called could not get a hold of tech paul tues i called they said someone would call me with a date/time by end of day at 9pm tues a lady called that delivery/installation would be 8/8 wed 1-5pm at 12:44 the lady called me the tech sam would not be here that maybe thurs in afternoon i notify her it could only be in the am 8-11 i have been wiating almost a week at home for the delivery customers picks the hours not the technician this is out of hand wiating si long i dont need to hear any excuses if you could look into this matter thanks

  • Jt
      12th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes
    A&E - Repair Error
    A&E Factory Service
    Oklahoma City
    United States

    The A&E service technician arrived and was here for less than an hour repairing a very minor leak on ice maker. We had been unable to use the ice maker for about 6 weeks since first reporting the leak because we had to schedule the repair after the holidays. The repairmen showed me the repairs he made and said the leak was fixed. He departed, and we left the home shortly thereafter as well. When we returned about 6 hours later, there was water all over the hardwood floors in our kitchen. The repairman had not hooked up the hoses correctly before departing. Now, each time the ice maker refills with water, the water flows out the front of the refrigerator ice dispenser, down the front of the freezer door, onto the floor. When I called Sears that evening to report the mistake the A&E repairman made when coming to fix the minor leak, I was told the earliest a repairman could be sent was 5 weeks from now. I said this was unacceptable that I should need to go an additional 5 weeks before a repairman can return to repair the mistake he made, which was worse than the initial repair I had called to have fixed. I asked if I could have the local phone number of the A&E repairman in the area since I was sure the repairman who came to my home had not driven from the main headquarters in San Antonio, and perhaps I could contact the local service center to identify the local repairmen, and that they could then accommodate me and make the repairs sooner than 5 weeks in the future. I was told that that was not possible and that the 800 number was the only number that I could call. This is unacceptable.

  • Aa
      14th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes

    My name is David with our A&E Solutions Team. I came across this post and wanted to reach out to offer our assistance. We’re terribly sorry for the troubles you’ve had with your refrigerator repair. We would like to contact you directly to discuss this with you and assist in addressing your concerns. At your convenience please contact our office at [protected] so we can further discuss your concerns. In the email please provide us with a contact number and the phone number the service is listed under and we will contact you directly. In addition please include your screen name (JTGer) in your email for reference to your issue. We look forward to talking to you soon.
    Thank you,

    David W.
    A&E Solutions Team
    A&E Cares

  • Ki
      3rd of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    A&E - Flipping vegas
    United States

    What a disgusting show. The husband speaks so terrible to the wife. I will never watch again. The male host talks terrible to his wife. I'm not the only person that feels this way. If y'all are trying to be like HDTV then this is a sad attempt...try again A&E...

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