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Adzact / No Action or product nothing

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Phone: 225-261-7788

I spent over 10, 000 with this co9mpany called ADZACT Limited and received nothing for my money, I mean not even a return phone call. This is a big scam and now I am stuck. I have been scammed too many times and this one takes the cake. No emails, no communication at all and what are they suppose to be doing for me now????? I guess I will try and have my laywer track them down this is sad!!

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  • Wa
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    Internet fraud, unauthorized transation & theft

  • Ta
      9th of Mar, 2009
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    Adzact took my money for 4 microsites in May, 2008. They never followed through on maintaining the sites. Everything was left as they were from first build until August 2008 when someone fixed the content of 2 of my sites just so he could try and sell me another website. I made no money from the adsense ads and I could see no type of search engine optimization provided for the sites. Today, 3/9/09, I went to check on the sites and found them gone. I checked the azbbb and they report the company is closed. I will try and get the word out about the owner Ron Beneduce Sr. and his son Ron Beneduce Jr.. I reported them and their fraud to the FTC and will report to the AZ authorities also. Apparently this guy starts one business after another and takes your money and does little to nothing after. Please check the owners of any company trying to sell microsites and internet marketing services or ecommerce websites. If you see Ron Beneduce as CEO, run away!

  • An
      10th of Mar, 2009
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    I never received the microsites either. I wrote them a letter to close my website and received it back for both the microsites and the website. I never thought to report them to the FTC but I will now.

    Thank you

  • Fa
      4th of May, 2009
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    I was ripped offf to a tune of $7K for an e-commerce website that was not fully functional. When there were technical or structural problems with the site, I would have to plead and even cajole them to fix the problems. It would take months before they fix it. Scott Morris (sometimes by another name), variously identified as the technical department guy, owner, part-timer, or one of four guy who comprise Adzact, told me about the accounts in the millions of dollars he works with it and that my little problems weren't worth his trouble. Even today, my site is unusable. I never received the 100, 000 click traffic as promised and have not one sale from my website since wiring my funds two years ago.

    Also, buyers beware. Read your Adzact contract. Adzact loves to do business out of state. Their contact clause states that you cannot sue them outside of Arizona

  • Sc
      22nd of Dec, 2009
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    This is Scott Morris. I wanted to clarify a couple things:

    1) Adzact made this agreement, and I was simply subcontracted to do web design. My total compensation from Adzact was ~$300 for this particular project. I

    2) I stopped doing work for Adzact in the middle of this project because Adzact did not pay my invoices on time. It is ultimately Adzact's responsibility to pay their subcontractors and they are responsible if they don't.

    I welcome anyone to contact me with questions on my personal cell phone at 602-803-3736, and invite fashionpolize to provide the same so any interested party can explore this for themselves.

    -Scott Morris

  • Ma
      31st of Dec, 2009
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    Scott Morris said that my problem is not with him he is only a subcontractor. But he advertised on ADZACT'S web site as:You can contact our IT department directly at!! He neglected to tell me that.
    This should have said You can contact our IT subcontractor at!

    Scott said If Adzact used my status on one of the many scientific research projects I work on as a marketing tool, it was without my knowledge or consent.
    All of Scott Morris's emails in this period had; Did you know? We provide IT support for The Cancer Genome Atlas, the largest scientific project in history.
    David Morris said Gerald picked this up from the signature line of Scott's e-mail's.
    All of Scott emails during this period had his signature line; they went to the people he corresponded with in the office. When you see something enough this is what most people call power of suggestion; and they used it.

    Scott Morris said that he left in the middle of the project; his e-mail's to me where from last week in Dec. of 2007 to middle
    of March 2008. That's close to 90 days. Every time I called after that David Morris would tell me that Scott was working to get my site ready for the
    Christmas season. The Christmas season came and went and so didn't David Morris.

    Scott also advertised on Adzact's Products

    We provide a variety of products for businesses of all sizes. Among our most popular are:

    Stardust BlueTM is a powerful and customizable CRM (customer relation management) tool. Forget using a one-size-fits-all solution for inventory tracking, another for accounting, and another for customer management. Let us streamline and automate the process so you can spend more time filling orders and less time staying organized.

    Targeted Visitors are a powerful and effective way to bring people interested in the products or services you sell directly to your site.

    TV commercials are the gold standard of advertising. We offer a variety of affordable options to small and growing businesses to give you a solid and robust presence among a captive audience.

    Adzact E-commerce EngineTM is the world's most powerful e-commerce engine, capable of handling millions of products at lightning fast speeds. Tests show that our engine can process data faster than the internet and send it to your clients.

    Zion RedTM is our most powerful data management tool. Imagine taking the reigns of a multi-million product website by simply pointing and clicking. No computer experience is needed. If you can point and click the links on this site, you can control the industry's foremost and most powerful ecommerce engine. Expected release date: December 2007. Contact us now to get a good position on the waiting list for customization.

    Stardust Blue and Zion Red are trademarks of Scott Morris and they should have been introduced as subcontracted. At no time during this period did Scott tell me he was a subcontractor. just another slight neglect

    Ron Beneduce said:

    Scott made and aired all their commercials through a company he dealt with.

    Scott led me to believe that he was directly connected to both ADZACT and The Cancer Genome Atlas.

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