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In September 16 I set up a new adwords advert for my Dads new website, in order to try and drum up some more business. I set a limit for £1.50 a day, which was around £40 a month.

At the end of November 16, we received the credit card statement and we were charged £50 then 2 weeks later another £250.

I contacted the help desk, who connected to our machine and they advised that we had two adverts set up, which was not created by us. There was another google business within our account and the advert was hidden somewhere in there. I would not have been able to find it again, if I tried, this time the price limit was set to £350 a month, which is clearly incorrect, considering we are a small business and £40 a month for a lot of money.

I explained that the number of clicks they were suggesting we had to our site was totally wrong, the search terms suggested were nothing to do with our business, so were totally inconsistent.

We also received an email when the advert was first created saying that our website was not compatible so the advert wouldn't go live. I then spent some time to try and sort the website, but as far as I was aware the advert wasn't working. When I googled searched our business type and location, it never brought anything up, so how we've had £400 worth of hits, I will never know.

I've been offered advertising for the amount already charged, however, I am not happy to accept this, when I know it doesn't actually work.

Any advice on getting a refund would be a massive help.

Nov 30, 2016

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