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AdVoyant Darren Rosenlund / Dead beat customer, AdVoyant (CEO Darren Rosenlund) failed to settle more than 16,000 dollar service bill

1 San Carlos, CA, United States

AdVoyant, with its CEO Darren Rosenlund, outsourced its outbound lead verification needs to our call center. This partnership started in March 2010 and went on for several months on good faith that AdVoyant had a stable business. After paying 1 invoice, AdVoyant stopped paying us for services already rendered. We continued working on their campaign on good faith, despite the missed payments, only terminating the contract in July 2010 after four consecutive invoices were unpaid, amounting to more than $16, 000. On the whole, AdVoyant only paid one invoice out of the five invoices issued to them.

We have repeatedly tried to reach AdVoyant in hopes that we can settle the problem in a civil manner. All of these efforts to contact them were ignored. Last September, we issued Darren Rosenlund with an ultimatum indicating that AdVoyant will need to settle its bill with us within the week and failure to do so would force us to escalate the issue to our legal department.

Darren Rosenlund answered that the email explaining that AdVoyant was in a financial pinch, but their company has started to make cost cutting measures to be able to get out of their downward spiral. Mr. Rosenlund offered to make $1, 000 payments per month, as a show of good faith, until they can start giving larger amounts to settle their debt. Our advisory board and legal department countered with another payment plan that would allow them to settle their bill with us in four months.

The suggested payment scheme was rejected and AdVoyant has not made good on any of their promises to settle their accounts with us. Mr. Rosenlund recently emailed us indicating that he had sent a check for $2, 750 – in the mail, despite the fact that he had all our account information and instructions to wire the money directly – and asked us for a confirmation if we had received it. Did we receive a check for the said amount? The answer is no, and at the time of this writing, Darren Rosenlund continues to make promises despite the fact that he hasn’t made good on any of his promises to settle the debt. This has made us seriously doubt his integrity even more.

In one interview with Utah Valley Magazine, Mr. Rosenlund was proclaimed the “Most Likely to Swing for the Fence.” Ironically, Darren Rosenlund, a graduate of Olathe East High School, Ricks College, BYU (Brigham Young University), and UVU (Utah Valley University), indicated that his “Life Lesson Learned” was “Don’t spend money you don’t have on crap you don’t need!”

At any rate, they have shown bad faith during their contract with us and after we terminated the said contract, and needless to say, we strongly advise anyone or any company against doing any business with AdVoyant and Darren Rosenlund.

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