Adventure AccommodationFalse Advertising and Breach Of Contract

We rented a vacagtion apartment from Petro & Alfonso Middleton (Adventure Accommodation) for two weeks from 12-26 December 2014. We arrived from the USA to find out that there was no lock up garage, a working burglar alarm and a lock up safe - all items we paid EXTRA for. I immediately took those matters up with Petro & Alfonso Middleton. I must mention that I paid them in full TWO weeks before their cut-off date. They were defiant from the word go and told me that the lock-up garage and safe is only for the owner's use. This unit was ADVERTISED with those features. They also told me the burglar alarm was working, but was not connected to any company, so if the alarm went off, nobody would respond. I told them that I was not happy and that I please wanted these items to be fixed so that we could enjoy our vacation. My sister called Petro Middleton, as she referred us to rent these apartments. Petro was extremely rude to my sister, yelling at her and told her her family was paranoid and that we had to immediately evacuate HER apartment. (Note, she is NOT the owner, only the agent who rents this out). Petro sent out her 'maintenance guy' but he told us that he has no idea how to fix the alarm or safe. Later we were given a 'password' by the owner of the unit to activate the alarm via text message. Just to find out it was all bogus as we could go in and out of the unit after the alarm was 'activated'. I tried to take these 3 issues up with Petro and Alfonso Middleton, but they refused to respond to any of my phone calls/text messages. These people advertise those units with functions they do NOT provide. After one of my conversations with Alfonso, (in the beginning when he was still taking my calls) in which I told him they are in Breach Of Contract due to false advertising, he sarcastically told me it was not false advertising as there IS a lock-up garage, there IS a safe in the bedroom and there IS a burglar alarm .. they're just not working. I advise people to RUN away from this Micky Mouse company as they have NO idea what customer service is and they do NOT provide what they are advertising. It was very unpleasant to even get into a conversation with either Petro or Alfonso Middleton.

Jan 09, 2015

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