Advantra (Medicare Advantage) / Inform seniors how their Ins works

1 Apex, NC, United States

The insurance industry and the Federal government have done a fantastic job of keeping seniors in the dark. Seniors receiving Medicare benefits and having supplemental insurance are totally clueless as to how their health care works. Time and time again they enter medical offices, hospitals, and pharmacies with absolutely no clue how their insurance works. On average most of them can't even tell you if the Medicare plan is their primary or secondary insurance. This is basic knowledge, like knowing who you are and when you were born. It should be emphasized to them that they should care to have the knowledge just from a stand point of being their own advocate. This is a serious situation when this country is headed for an every man for himself mentality just from the shear numbers of general populous and a lack of resources. Someone needs to wake up and realize--knowledge is not only power but very needed and beneficial.

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