Advantel Sales Leads / Scam

1 W Bridgewater, MA, United States

I contacted Advantel and discusses sales leads for home imporvements (windows, doors, siding, roofing). I was guaranteed that I would be furnished 20-25 leads per week. The firest week I was sent 2 leads. One was a bogus address and the second was an elderly woman that was in a retirement center. She had never heard of Advantel and had never been contacted by them ! When I contacted David Andrae (owner) I was told that the leads would be replaced with good leads. This never happened. I paid his firm $2, 500 for leads and received absolutely nothing in return. Neither Andrae nor any of his employees will return any of my call. This is a scam. STAY AWAY FROM DAVID ANDRAE AND HIS COMPANY. HE IS A THIE[censored]

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