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Advantage Tax Resolution / Took money!

1 Beverly Hills, CA, United States Review updated:

Anyone out there dealt with this company, please email me immediately. I want to start a lawsuit against them ASAP. They took $11, 000 from me with no intention of resolving my tax issue. The same stories, fake names, paperwork, etc. were thrown my way as many others have gone through, with no result at all. The have a setup system to stall you through a couple of years while doing nothing, never calling you back. They file a few documents to make it look good and thats it.
This company has bilked thousands of people of a ton of money. We need to stop them. The owners are never available because I believe they are hiding in Albania and ripping us off. Its amazing they spend our thousands of dollars to advertise on TV, expensively, to rip off more people who call them. Email me to discuss this topic at: [protected] Make sure to note or flag about Adv. Tax on the email.

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  • Ad
      16th of Feb, 2009

    To those individuals who find it necessary to blame someone, anyone or anything for their own problems rather than looking to themselves and their own conduct in relation to the circumstances they find themselves in, Advantage Tax Resolution responds as follows.

    Given the fact that our business revolves around confidentiality and discretion, clearly we are unable to respond to every complaint made or any one complaint specifically, except to say that by far the vast majority of the clients who come to us for help are extremely satisfied with the results we achieve for them.

    Advantage Tax Resolution is NOT a fly by night enterprise. We are extremely committed to assisting our clients. We are not, however, responsible for them, and unfortunately, no company can expect to please all of its clientele all of the time. There are some situations, the responsibility for which can ALWAYS be traced directly back to the client, in which we are simply not able to come to a satisfactory resolution of a client’s outstanding tax liabilities with the IRS or a State agency.

    These situations include, but are not limited to those where a client refuses to follow our advice, provides us with false or fraudulent information to give to the IRS or the State, tries to hide information from either us, the IRS or the state, or continuously refuses to cooperate in the process by failing to comply with IRS or State imposed deadlines, and/or failing to provide information or documentation that is necessary and required in a timely matter or at all.

    It is the clients that cooperate fully and HONESTLY with us and do so within the stringent time frames imposed on us that are more likely to end up with a resolution of their tax issues that they are satisfied with. Those clients that fail to provide us with honest financial information or any financial information at all, or do so only after one request after another, or who hide assets, or who lie to us or to the IRS or the State will not be rewarded with a resolution of their tax liability that they are happy with. Their case is their responsibility and they must conduct themselves accordingly or we can not and will not help.

    We would never counsel a client to rearrange their assets in order to reduce or eliminate a tax liability. That is tax evasion and tax evasion is illegal and if you decide to conduct yourself in an illegal manner, we can not and will not help you and you will not be satisfied with the results.

    When you fail to provide us with information or documentation required by the IRS or State within the timeline imposed by them, or if the information or documentation is clearly full of lies, omissions and instances of self serving and “creative” financing, or when you fraudulently alter documents provided to you for submission to the agency involved, we can not and will not help you and you will not be satisfied with the results.

    The individuals contributing to this blog have a history of refusing to take responsibility for their own actions or, more accurately, their own INACTIONS, or for taking actions which are inappropriate and often illegal. This history of failing to take responsibility is precisely how they ended up in the situation they did. To them the fee they paid obligates us to resolve their tax issues with or without their full and honest cooperation and regardless of the legality of the methods used. Advantage Tax Resolution will never be party to such conduct. The client has paid an agreed upon fee and there is absolutely no logical reason for us to compromise or jeopardize our professional integrity by breaking the law in order to reduce that client’s tax liability.

    Further, contrary to what the bloggers on this site seem to believe, the fact that a fee is paid does NOT make us miracle workers, nor does it make us keepers or caretakers for the taxpayer involved. We are limited in what we can do for any given client by the amount of cooperation and personal responsibility and commitment that client is willing to demonstrate in resolving their tax issues. We are only as good as our clients and we are not able to help those that are not willing to help themselves by participating fully, honestly and promptly in the progress of their case.

    Advantage Tax Resolution has never and will never protect the interests of any client in any manner that is, or could even potentially be construed, as illegal regardless of the amount of fee paid. We work extremely hard and within the bounds of the law, unlike some of those posting their comments, for those clients that demonstrate an unequivocal willingness to work hard with us, the IRS and various State agencies toward a resolution that is beneficial to all as expeditiously as possible.

    That being said, as well as demonstrated on a daily basis by our company, bloggers BEWARE! Any further statements to the contrary are simply not true and will not be tolerated. To those individuals who insist on promoting falsehoods about our company, on this site or anywhere else, be advised - justice will be swift and severe. Such statements will be perceived as slanderous and will be treated as such through the imposition of injunctions in addition to a complaint for substantial money damages based on defamation and slander. Make no mistake – you will not be satisfied with the results!

    Advantage Tax Resolution, Inc.

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  • Na
      13th of Feb, 2009

    i have been working with this company for 4 months and have had my IRS probelm resolved. Right now they are working with the state to get that done to. so far I havent had any issues.

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  • Ke
      13th of Feb, 2009

    Ok, If I would give you 5, 000 dollars for a product or a service and you refuse to give me that product or service I would call the police and you would be arrested for felony theft. Why are these crooks immune to the law? They are stealing. They have had my money for months and never contacted the IRS. Now my penelties and interest as increased. In a class action can we recover the additional penelties?

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  • Pe
      13th of Feb, 2009

    same thing Iam sick l have beem trying to get help I send letters to the attorney general office in ca. With know help from them Thay said thay will keep the complaint on file That was nov.6 2007 A.T.R TOOK 3700. and my bank got levyed 2500. after thay had power of attorney 16 weeks It is all the same that iam reading james catapay was my power of attorney I have so much to say and tell on my story.SO COUNT ME IN ON THE SUITE AT [protected] LETS GO WITH IT IAM SICK AND PISSED!!!

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  • Ke
      12th of Feb, 2009

    They took 3500 of my money and will not even return one phone call. I live in missouri and small claims in their jurisdiction would cost too much to proceed.

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  • St
      10th of Feb, 2009

    count me in on the suite
    same story here, more or less from what is happening to you guys.
    I am ready to move on this hoax
    you can reach me here

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  • Wh
      6th of Feb, 2009

    I am now working with them now, they said it would be a flat fee of 14500.00. They recently chargeed my credit card 7500. the rest was suppose to be paid in thirty days They called two weeks later to congradulate me for sending all the documentation so soon and personal questionnaire so soon and wanted the rest of the money. I said" How can you ask me for the rest of the money if I havent sent you the business questionnaireand documents only my personal" The response was " We have everything we need we requested five years of your tax returns from IRS already and we have recieved everything already, but if you want us to wait for us to foward your file we will put everything on hold". My response was " Yes thats fine I will wait".

    Later wheh I called for diffrent reason, we were trasfered to a different person hesaid his name was Jonathan and that he was also working on our case and that he needed a payment that they had recieved the rest of the ORS documentations and that their charge was 7 to 8%. I told my husband to speak him and when he took the phone my husband said wait a minute we have an agreement we were quoted a flat fee of 14, 500. Jonathon said ok if Darrin said 14, 500. thrn I will honor that.

    I am presently working with them now, I do not know what to do?

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  • Ma
      23rd of Jan, 2009

    Currently going through the same problems with Advantage Tax. This company defrauded me for $3, 100.00. I would like to start a class acion lawsuit. If you were defrauded as well, please contact me at: [protected]

    Thank you,

    Mark G.

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