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Anyone out there dealt with this company, please email me immediately. I want to start a lawsuit against them ASAP. They took $11, 000 from me with no intention of resolving my tax issue. The same stories, fake names, paperwork, etc. were thrown my way as many others have gone through, with no result at all. The have a setup system to stall you through a couple of years while doing nothing, never calling you back. They file a few documents to make it look good and thats it.
This company has bilked thousands of people of a ton of money. We need to stop them. The owners are never available because I believe they are hiding in Albania and ripping us off. Its amazing they spend our thousands of dollars to advertise on TV, expensively, to rip off more people who call them. Email me to discuss this topic at: [protected] Make sure to note or flag about Adv. Tax on the email.

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  • La
      8th of Aug, 2012

    To complainants and all taxpayers: I'm a former IRS Revenue Officer and current owner of a tax firm that helps individuals and businesses resolve their IRS tax matters. The fact that there are a few bad apples in the tax relief industry is an unfortunate reality. These resources may help taxpayers faced with an unscrupulous "tax professional" :

    1) Contact the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and file a complaint. They oversee, and can sanction, Attorneys, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Registered Tax Return Preparers (RTRP) and others., , id=175512, 00.html

    2) Use IRS Form 14157 to file a written complaint against your tax return preparer.

    In all cases, always search the Web in the name of the person AND company you're thinking about hiring. Websites (such as this one) provide invaluable feedback to taxpayers and expose those organizations that don't have their client's best interest in mind.

    Michael Raanan, MBA, EA

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  • La
      15th of Nov, 2012

    please take this up with James Catipay at his marijuana dispensary which is worth over two million dollars. Herbalcure marijuana dispensary is located at 11318 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, Ca 90064. In 2009 James Catipay resided at 767 Isabel Street apt #2 LA, CA 90065. Perhaps he still lives there. He owns the building but has it in the name of Johnny Dang. I assume he does this for tax purposes. James did file a bankruptcy in Ohio before opening his marijuana dispensary.
    Dr. Anthony Catipay, James' dad, has an office at 11320 W Pico blvd in front of his son's marijuana dispensary.
    James makes a lot more than $50, 000 a year now!!!

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  • Ja
      28th of Mar, 2014

    Good evening! This is James Catipay. Again, none of these accusations about me are true on the complaint's board. I have tried to contact complaint boards to remove the information on this site that are false; however, I have been informed they do not delete anything on this site.

    I have zero complaints with the State Bar of Michigan where I hold my law license and I have zero complaints with the Internal Revenue Service. The reason I have zero complaints is because nothing on this site is true except for me owning a medical marijuana license legally here in the City of Los Angeles.

    Please judge me on the regulatory entities that govern my licenses, not a site like this that has no merit whatsoever. If any of these allegations against me specifically were true, I would have been stripped of my law license, which is active and in good standing with the State Bar of Michigan.

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  • So
      16th of Apr, 2014

    Hello all,
    I too used to work at this company, thankfully I was only there a short time. I saw that the company was not run in a proper manner and even was sat in a office with all three owners because they had heard I had issues with how the company was being run. I am truly sorry for all the grief. I saw it from the inside how shady the business was and how they strung people along and I would not have any of it. Seeing the salesmen getting huge bonuses, Rolex's and such was saddening. When I left they straight out asked me how much they would need to pay me to get me to stay but I declined. If anyone is doing anything legal wise and needs any statements from me I would be happy to chime in on your account. I do not know if I worked there when James did, it has been years, but I do know the company tagged peoples' names on stuff they did not do. They had a few enrolled agents, lawyers and accountants which were backed by a group of other employees that processed a bunch of work and just slapped the licensed individual's name to it even if they never even saw it. Again, I do not know if James was one of the shady's or a pawn (there were plenty of both in that company).

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  • Me
      7th of Jul, 2014

    While performing a name search for my new business, I ran across this thread. I do not know Mr. Catipay, but during the time Advantage was in business, I interviewed an Advantage salesman named Bruce (can't recall his last name) who was looking to leave the company. I picked his brain. He mentioned how the company was "slimey" and he specifically mentioned their practice of taking money and doing nothing. As a competitor, I wanted to get as much juice on them as I could, so I researched company officers, affiliates, complaints, etc. I can honestly say that Mr. Catipay's name never came up or showed in any of the documentation I reviewed. I only respond to this stream because I am in the business and have been for over a decade. Word gets around, we typically know who the scummy people are. It concerns me that a company and/or individual can be so crucified so easily. It could be me next time or it could be you.

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  • Sa
      14th of Jul, 2014

    Thomas M Cooley Law School is a festering TTTT. The median LSAT score for entering students placing them in the bottom 26% of all test takers. Not suprising so many complaints. Cooley is a joke charges high loans so no wonder they have to pick up where they left off..

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  • Ja
      16th of Aug, 2014

    Thank you MetroTaxPro and SoldierofGod for your positive light on this thread. I really do appreciate it because this one site is not helping when clients need to do their due diligence. And to Ms. SaraSmart ... I am sure your credentials are outstanding since you are able to make negative comments about other professionals, such as myself.

    My JD is from Thomas M Cooley Law School, the largest ABA Accredited Law Schools in the Country. I passed the February Michigan 2002 Bar Exam on the 1st try. I spent one entire year at Boston University School of Law's prestigious Graduate Tax Program earning my Master of Laws (LLM) in Taxation focusing specifically on tax controversy and resolution. In addition to my educational attainment, I have over a decade in tax resolution experience. I have developed tax resolution software that gives those the ability with small tax problems to resolve their tax debt on their own.

    Again, to all the taxpayers who have ever been taken advantage of by other tax firms, I am truly sorry. I do hope that you were able to find resolution with the IRS.

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  • An
      2nd of Sep, 2016

    Useful suggestions . Just to add my thoughts, if your company requires a IRS 14157, my colleagues encountered a template form here

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