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I applied for courses on the website I paid the required sum, but after several days the seller asked to pay more. I agreed and hoped to get only positive emotions after these courses, but I was disappointed. I didn’t get any useful info, because the specialist spoke with me and with other in some horrible manner. It was unpleasant for me to come in this place. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

Feb 27, 2014

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  • Ms
      30th of Jun, 2014

    I too paid quite a bit to Advantage. I have been a louse wife/mom my entire life. Now with no Husband needed to make some income. I tried very hard. I was promised oh you will beat the barks at their own game and pay off the amount you just charged before any of that interest adds up..NOT TRUE!! the sales man Dustin Teeples will keep you on the phone all day talking to you like he will be meeting with his boss and wow you are accepted aren't you happy? I worked with the coach, and when I needed help live chart told me to call back so I can speak to another person.that will help me. I was so confused and now upset but was smart enough to record all conversations. They will have to give me back my money or we will go to court. I am not letting them do this to me. All the supposed big wigs say we will check in on you from time to time, , , NO, I did get ahold of them about my issues and was told I should have called sooner. They are very sneaky salesmen.

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  • Wh
      8th of Jul, 2015

    I should have known that this scam was too good to be true. I feel like a FOOL for even wasting my time with this "offer". I ordered the "special" basic package for $97.00, then another screen suggested I pay an additional $67.00 for a search engine opportunity. Once again, I fell for it and ordered it, only to be greeted by another screen suggesting another $37.00 charge for some other "beneficial" service. This one I rejected sensing that this was going on and on and running up my tab. I called their number to get started and their rep. proceeded asking questions about my financial situation. Then he told me he'd call me back in 30 minutes. I asked why he couldn't give the information now; why the delay? He said he had to take a "bathroom break" and also had another meeting in five minutes. I said okay and lo and behold, he called back in less than three minutes, saying he had taken his break and postponed his meeting. By this time the whole deal was starting to smell funny. When he started talking of increasing my credit card debt I told him I wanted to cancel my order. After asking why I was doing so, he volunteered a phone # to call for cancelling the order. I called the # and some snarky guy asked why I was cancelling. Told him, gave him the order #, he said it was cancelled and hung up on me before I could ask another question. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM AS I DID!!! IT'S A PIECE OF CRAP.

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  • Tr
      16th of Dec, 2015

    Be alerted when you see Advantage Education,, WebProfitTeam!!!

    I heard about Sara Taylor and her internet income from home business. One search led to another I was connected to the website where it was asking for $97 fee. Since there's no such thing as "free" in this world I paid. I thought I can always cancel since there was 60 Day money back guarantee to the service. Well, I am going to call my credit card company to stop the payment because they gave me a strange excuse to why I have to wait for 30 days to even request for the money back and they CAN'tT process my request right now even though they would love to.

    After paying the initial fee I got a prompt text message signed by WebProfitTeam to call a number. Then I also received a call from a sales person. Due to my busy schedule there were three phone calls between us through out a few weeks period. During those time gap I searched for any complaints on WebProfitTeam but I found no informations. It was not till during the third phone call I was given Advantage Eduction info. For its demonstration purpose the sales person told me to type in and go through the site with him. While I was talking to him I was looking up on any information about the company through another computer I have. I found a few complaints right away but decided to hear him out.

    When I told the sales person I am going to think about additional investment toward next step ($7000+ or $12000+ packages) he then got RUDE. He said if I can not make decision with the facts presented he does not want me on his team, that is why I am where I am not more, I am wasting his time, having no debt does not mean anything... FYI, I did not get my well over 800 plus FICO score by giving money away to sales people without researching first.

    WATCH OUT EVERYONE!!! Do not give them your hard earned money!!!

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  • An
      17th of Mar, 2016

    I am not a person who is easily scammed, but when the representative asked me about my savings, that was a definitely a red flag. It only got worse from there. The next representative went a step further and asked me for $3, 1000...WHAT!!! I don't think so!. I thought the $97.00 fee I paid up front was all I needed to pay before the work and checks start rolling in. I just started this program, therefore, I haven't gotten around to asking for my money back, but that is my next step. I was highly disappointed! I have seen this ad many times but the reason I decided to respond to it this particular time was because I read an ad where Donald Trump gave it high accreditations; perhaps that was a scam as well? I just graduation with my Master's Degree in Higher Education and was looking for ways to generate some additional income to help pay off my student loans. Shame on these people for being such insensitive, money-hungry thieves that will stop at nothing to make a dishonest dollar!

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  • Mb
      19th of Mar, 2017

    Yes advantage-e promise the world and deliver nothing in ROI - don't be scammed by them

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