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I drill jars & vases by the thousands with almost 4 years experience. I purchased a very expensive diamond drill bit from Advantage Drills, Inc. due to the claimed better performance and longer life. I've always been able to drill up to 300 times with one, cheap $18 diamond bit made in China.

With Advantage Drills, Inc's $150 bit I couldn't even get to 10 drilling's!!! It just self destructed into pieces! The first one, which they replaced with the one I just described, started crumbling on its second drilling! Remember that I accomplished up to 300 uses with a cheap, $18 Chinese bit many, many times in the past 4 years. I sent everything back to Randy, the claimed owner, who proceeded to cuss me out when I called him with a fervor rarely heard from a seasoned sailor!!

Randy told me to go [censored] my own mother! This guy is really out of control and, as you can surmise from his offensive attitude, he was completely unwilling to refund any money despite this trash product's defective design. He defends this garbage drill bit despite the obvious. Never have I been subjected to such vile and abusive verbal treatment - never!!!

Advantage Drills, Inc. should be avoided like the plague! If your purchased product fails due to defective design you will probably get another one likely to be identically defective - not your money back! And, if you dare suggest that it is his product which is at fault, and not you, Randy will possibly treat you to an overwhelming onslaught of disgusting verbal sewage.

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      Feb 18, 2011

    This customer was told he was not using the bit properly. we sent another bit to him due to his error at no charge. then before getting the corrected bit he demanded moneys back claimming the tool was not good in an alarming vulgar, physically threatning way to our receptionist. I picked up the call after our Employee was shaking due to the aggresivness, threats and statements.He called our office using the most profane vulgar language and then stated he would advertise a complaint and accuse us of vulgarity and he would show us what he could do!! If the man would have used the information we supplied to him then he would have seen that the tool had to be used at higher rpms than the plated imported bits he used in the past. It's the same as putting diesle fuel in your car as apposed to gasoline, they are both fuel. This peron is typical of an out of control bipolar sociopath with a mission.We have distributed theses and simmilar tools throuout the entire globe. This is the only complaint that we have received in this manner! Of corse we have had other customers have problems with other tools, but we have done everthing includingsendi replacement at no charge. Our objective has always been to give the best service when ever possible. Have you ever noticed that at all car dealerships, the service dept is 3 times larger than the show room. Nothing is always made perfect thats why we try everyting to make sure its right. Mr Randy Lobeck Sr. Metallurgical/Mechanical Eng. Advantage Drills Inc.

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