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Advanta Bank Corp. / Closed Account on Long-Term Customer with Perfect Credit!

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I have had a business mastercard with Advanta for over 10 years, have always paid on time, never paid late and last week they sent me a letter informing me that Advanta closed my account. According to the letter I received, "Our (Advanta) decision was based, in part, on the lack of activity on your Advanta account. In addition to reviewing activity on your Advanta account, we also reviewed information that a reporting agency provided to us, and this may have influenced our decision, in part.

As I have previously stated I have a perfect record with Advanta and in addition to that I have checked my credit report and I have a high credit score with no late payments reported from any of my other creditors!

When I called customer service to inquire further, it was obvious Advanta had outsourced their customer service support to India. After calming down and concentrating and talking slowly I was able to have some sort of a conversation with the customer service rep. It was very obvious quite quickly that the customer service rep was well trained to give short answers and to get off the phone as quickly as possible. Certainly not a very good feeling as a consumer who had caused absolutely no harm to Advanta and had in fact been an excellent customer in the past. As it turns out, I hadn't used my card for 2 years and so that was the reason given again and again by their Indian customer service rep. My response was that Advanta was not as competitive with their rates as some of their competitors who I had given my business to and in addition other competitors of theirs had rewards programs whereas my Advanta account had no rewards program. Again, the Indian customer service rep was in a huge hurry to just get me off the phone without a logical conversation repeating over and over again that the decision was made and there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that could be done about it!

Lesson to be learned---remember who screwed you, who abandoned you, who provided no good answers because when the economy turns around as it always does, Advanta and companies like Advanta are going to once again pursue prospective customers like myself and I'm going to tell them where they can stick it (a place where the sun never signs).

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  • Ji
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    I received a letter from Advanta two months ago about rasing my rate almost six percent. I had perfect credit and saw no reason for that kind of increase, so I opted out at the old terms and closed my account. This had to be done by the 18th of May, and I opted out on the 15th. On the 20th, I received a letter that all Advanta card accounts would be closed. The bad thing about this is it was now too late for those who did not opt out to do so!

    I feel badly for the people who did not opt out thinking they would still be able to use their cards. The incredible, blatant liars at Advanta knew they were closing, but weren't going to tell their customers they were doing so until after the opt out date of May 18th. These crooks knew they were simply going to gouge people for another 6 percent while paying off their balances. Which amoung us would pay that knowing they were going to close all the accounts anyway?

    Advanta clearly duped its customers, most of us loyal and long term customers. I have filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission along with Texas and Pennsylvania Departments of Banking. It's time crooks in the credit card industry are held accountable for their unscrupulous actions.

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