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Advanta bank / Late fee & phone payment fee SCAM!

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DO not do any business with Advanta! I have been a loyal credit card member for years and always paid my monthly balances in full each month. I never carried a balance! NO INTEREST OR FEES – Ever! In July 2007 I went to pay my bill on-line... THEIR WEB SITE WAS DOWN!!! The credit card was for my business and with a tight schedule I always paid via their web for the ease and convenience. The bill was due that day, I could not make the payment, and did not have the time to call them or try later that day or maybe the next day. I wanted to make the payment now and could not because someone at Advanta botched a web update.

The Advanta Story from their site: “At Advanta, our focus is on small businesses, and no one knows the needs of small business like we do. Started in 1951 with $30 in seed money in founder Jack Alter's spare bedroom, Advanta has grown into one of the nation's largest providers (through Advanta Bank Corp.) of business credit cards to small businesses, without forgetting what it is like to be a small or start-up business.” OK, Yeah right! Don’t bend over anytime soon because it’s 2007 and you will pay for that seed and growing out of your ###!

When I called (now after the due date) the customer service representative told me he was aware of the problem and told me I could make a payment today over the phone and I did in full as always. I asked him (more than once) if I would be charged for the phone payment and a late fee and he assured me that our conversation would be documented and that I should not have a problem. OK.

Well, I received my next statement and I had a charge for $12.00 for a phone payment service fee and a $39.00 late fee. I figured no problem, I would call Advanta and they would see the notes from my last call and credit me for their error. WEB SITE DOWN! I was told that they have credited me for a late fee in the past and they can not and will not waive the late fee but will remove the phone payment fee. Yippee, I wanted to jump for joy but thought the seed I mentioned earlier might fall out and it would smell like the BULL ### that Advanta has grown to be! Bogus Fees and Charges for their web outage and forget me the small business customer “as their founder focused on?”. Advanta would rather focus on charging you fees for their loss in interest and/or loose you as a customer. The Advanta Story – SCAM YOU OUT OF YOUR MONEY! Advanta Customer service? NO, IT DOES NOT EXIST! No such department.

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  • Dr
      11th of Jan, 2008

    I was a loyal customer for years and never missed a payment, either. Then I bought some software that didn't work. I returned it to the vendor, who refused it. I refused to pay for it and cited three pages of the software's and vendor's failings to Advanta. Their response was that I had to find other dissatisfied customers before they would credit my account. That is impossible. Do you think the vendor is going to give me a list of his dissatisfied customers?
    I paid the bill and learned to live with the software, which still sucks. Advanta charged me interest and a late fee for not paying for the software until the next month. I paid that, too.
    Months later I cancelled a monthly service 10 days before the end of the credit card cycle--plenty of time for the service to reverse its monthly charges. An Advanta rep told me on the phone they had talked to the service and the service agreed to credit back my account the following month. They subsequently refused to do that and Advanta refused to credit back my account, too, despite what Advanta told me. I didn't pay that bill, figuring the service would come to their senses, but when they didn't, I was into another billing cycle with more interest and late fees. Advanta refused to reverse either. I paid the bill and closed the account, vowing never again to do business with Advanta.
    My conclusion is that they are vendor oriented, not consumer oriented. They have arbitrary rules that do not fit reality. They are inflexible. I'm not. I now have other credit cards. I suggest anyone who reads this take this to heart. You won't know just how bad these people are until you really need them. In a word, Advanta is AWFUL.

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  • Dr
      12th of Jun, 2008

    WOW! I hate to see that I'm not the only one stiffed by Advanta. They botched an electronic payment, which they charged me a late fee for, jacked my interest rate, and hit me with a bounced check fee. After a conference call with my bank, Advanta refused to put our interest rate where it was supposed to be. Since they had already given back the late fee and the bounced check fee, they had to hold to their policy on rate increases, as I couldn't prove the mistake was theirs. After 4 bouts with Advanta's circle talking customer service reps, I still couldn't get any results. They just keep saying the same lines over and over again to frustrate you (like they are trained) and then when you ask to speak to a supervisor, they hand you over to the idiot in the next cubicle. I was finally told that "Upper Management" had reviewed my case, and they were sticking to their decision (Upper Management is probably the night janitor's neighbor's epileptic dog). They even told me I was not authorized to see the information that was passed on to upper management.


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  • Gr
      1st of Nov, 2008

    Mr. Chad C. Blue is the Chief Credit Officer for Advanta Bank Corporation. Anyone having his email or home address, home phone number, or direct business phone number should post this info here and on the bad credit card website and every blog pertaining to Advanta. Mr. Blue is overall in charge of authorizing the increases we have seen on our business card rates. I too have an excellent credit score, send more than the minimum each month, have never gone over my limit, never made a late payment, and have NO OTHER DEBT except a personal c/c that is paid the same. There is no reason for Advanta to raise my interest rate from 7.99% to 11.31% in 5 months. I get nowhere over the phone, and I really want to contact this Mr. Blue. We should all be flooding Advantas executives with our complaints. Anyone that has already STARTED a class action suit against advanta please let me know.

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