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cell phone number was given out even though it's on the do not call list. Called company, spoke with a evan employee #31390, then spoke with michelle, employee #50350, told me it was an e company and I had to go to the website and it would direct me to follow a complaint. Went to website, with employee 50350 on phone, and the website told me to call the number I was already talking too!!! Then, I was told by Michelle, #50350, that I would have to WRITE a letter to the E company explaining the complaint. Even though it is an E company, they do not have an e-mail address, or even a phone number to the main office in California.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Ontario, CAMichelle said she has given me the do not call list number, however, I had clearly stated that I am already on it and that is why I'm complaininmg to the company, because they are breaking the law, subject to hefty fines. So empoloyee #50350, felt she was helping me by giving me the do not call number, but she actually did not help in anyway, because I already am on it. The company has no one to speak with about the complaint of cell phone harassment, they could not even give a number to the company, or even who the president of the company is. I spoke with Michelle, somewhere in the midwest, she said she was not authorized to give me the location!!! DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER!!!

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  • Ro
      Feb 17, 2010
    ADVANCEDACAI - money withdrawel from my bank account
    Advanced Acai
    5300 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Unit 400
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I saw an advertisement on the internet for a few trial offer for one bottle of Acai and Advance Cleanse. They charged me $3.95 for each bottle. The screen was filled with their advertisement. There was no mention about a membership fee or further charges.
    However in the fine print under terms and conditions there were all the charges.
    I felt like I had been robbed when the Fraud Deptartment of my credit card called and told me there were TWO charges of 150.15. They charged me two memberships, one for each bottle.
    I have filed a fraud claim with my bank and I don't know if I will get my money back or not.
    I make minimum wage and work part time and the charges are hurting me financially.
    I would never have bought the FREE sample of I had known that they were going to cheat me out of $300.30.

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  • Ti
      Feb 17, 2010

    Here's a more direct way to avoid such scams --

    Acai is an excessively abundant provincial Amazon berry. It sells for $1 a bottle of freshly squeezed juice at any major Amazon city, where something like 400, 000 lbs of acai berry are sold every. The species (euterpe oleracea) grows in the wild and on plantations by the billions. It is a weed species - the very same one used for hearts-of-palm (you know, the cheap $2.00 cans), a product which kills the fruiting trunk.

    People outside the Amazon region are paying out the ### for this product, marketed by greedy advertising charlatans. They pay next to nothing to acquire their acai product (most of their cost is packaging), and they artificially inflate it's value, by spinning all this washy BS about it being a "superfood" and having superior "health virtue." These unscrupulous US companies (not the native growers/harvesters) are making a killing because they make 500-1000% profit in many cases. It's abhorrent.

    They are playing the ignorant public like a fiddle, all the while giving "health food" a bad name. The puvlic would do much better to be skeptical of anything making such claims. Make every effort to understand where things come from, and what it is. That way at least you'll have some perspective.

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  • As
      Mar 09, 2010
    United States

    I too have been scammed and have been charged $83.90 after I had canceled my subscription. Still I get the run around from their customer support. I ask them if I can have the number to their corporate office but they say they can't disclose that information. and would have to wait 30 days, REALLY!!! For some reason they do not see me as being in their system either. but yet my bank statement shows they have deducted this money out of my account, I did faxed them proof of my account being charged still they can't find me. WOW!!! I'm so PISSED OFF!!! that this business is still active and advertising their product. And at that they have Rachael Ray as one of their spokes person as well as Katie Couric which was the reason I thought to try this product in the first place. Something needs to happen, It is wrong for them to continue to get away with this.

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  • Ge
      Mar 15, 2010

    The same thing happened to me...I also signed up for the "FREE" trial offer for both those exact product's and paid only the shipping fee's but then I noticed my account had been charged $149.95. When I called ADVANCE CLEANSE I was told it was for a membership ( THAT I DIDN'T WANT ) I told the operator that I didn't want the membership and was my money going to be refunded and she said " NO " because I so called failed to notify them before 14 day's! I never recieved anything else from them & so my so called " FREE " trial really cost me $ 153.90. And it seem's as if ADVANCEDACAI and ADVANCE CLEANSE are run by the same company because I was also charged $79.00 for those pill's...I will NEVER sign up for any more free trial's again! and I suggest that anyone reading these posts take's my advice and stay away from them aswell.

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  • Le
      May 30, 2010
    ADVANCEDACAI - fraudulent credit charge
    Bryant Research, LLC
    San Francisco
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Same complaint here as everyone else: fraudulent advertising of a low price ($5) then get an unexpected charge months later of a much higher price ($80) that causes overdraft charges on top of the surprise credit card charge. The complaint to the credit card company didn't turn out in my favor. A police report was made for the record of this fraudulent charge. What's most curious is whether the pills actually work because then I won't feel so raped. In all these complaints on this website there is only one mention of sickness but it's not specified as to severity or length or what kind of sickness. Took one pill so far and will probably continue taking a pill each day. If result is sickness, will definitely feel victimized and terribly stupid.

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  • Di
      May 30, 2010



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