Advanced Wireless (Cricket)Warranty on a alcatel one touch idol 3

I recently purchased a alcatel one touch idol from the cricket wireless store in plymouth indiana. I also purchased the warrenty all under my mothers account. The phone was a port in phone i switched carriers from boost to come to cricket. So far i am very disappointed! 3 days after i purchased the device i droped it and cracked the screen. Thinking it was going to be no big deal because i have a warrenty just to make sure i drove to the cricket store to speak with someone. They told me to get on the website and file a claim. After getting on the website and chatting with someone about my phone i was told they could not help me because if security. I had to call my mother the(account holder) so she could contact Asurion about the broken phone. My mom told me she had to provide a bunch if documentation that had to be sent in and emailed including a copy of her license, witch should not be sent via email. On top of all that they told my mom it would be 3 to 5 days until i would recieve my new phone. When i purchased this warrenty with the plan and warrenty i expected the service i was promised. Next day arrival and less complications. The deductable was 75 dollars and as ridiculous as that may seem, the phone was 100 brand new. It would have almost been easier just to buy a new phone and save the money i spent on the warrenty considering the next day shipping was a lie. Ive had ever service provider out there and ive never had issues like this. If i would have known the warrenty was going to be false i would have stuck with boost mobile and paid 5 dollars at the time of purchase and 10 replacement fee.

Thank you for your time.

Jan 29, 2017

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