Advanced Colon Support / False Terms and Conditions

1 W.125 Woods Centre, St Johns Antigua, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-877-529-3745

This company has charged me for a product I did not order. Not only that I was charged by 2 different companies for the same product. When I tried to reach them they have changed their website 3 times. The one that was listed on my bank statement changed and became unlisted within an hour of trying to reach them. I am so upset that companies from other countries can come here and scam hard working people, but at the same time, we are foolish for buying into them. This compnay refuses to refund my money even after I said I would report them to the BBB. They told me I had to file a complanint with their fraud department and maybe I would get a refund. I have contacted my bank and put a freeeze on my account. I will never trust another company that sells anything online again. This compnay isnt even regestered with the BBB.


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