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Advance Pain Management / Doctor very insulting

1 4131w.loomis rd.suite300greenfeild, WI, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 414-325-pain

I provided dr.purwel with3 mri reports &1 exray report dr.purwel ignored these reports & began telling me because I'm on disability that i probably suffer with depression (which i do not) i have nothing better to do all day but to sit around & concentrate on all my achs & pains he also went on to lecture me about how lucky i was to live in the because if i lived any where else i would be totally desolate but he was willing to do an epidural i told him how i was allergic ito dyes or contrast &that it shuts my respiratory system down. he went ahead & made an appointment for an epidural any way i called & canceled that appointment the day before he then dropped me &although I've madenumberous attempts to contact dr. sani who i was told heads advance pain management & sit on the medical board has never made an attempt to call me to resolve this issue also i was told i was banned from all there locations & doctors.

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  • Ko
      28th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I was a seeing the Washington Center For Pain Management in Renton Wa and I will never go there again and I'll try to get every one I see going there to find a better doctor. This clinic don't give a rat [censor] about there caring for the people that come into there office all they care about is how much money they can suck out the insurance company's. I was looking over some of my old billing and they billed Medicare almost 12000 dollars for a drug scree that should have cost no more than about 120 buck at the most. And you go in for a appointment to have your med refilled and end up being stuck there for any were from a hour to 2 or 3 hours after your appointment time. And all there doctors treat there patients like [censor] and they won't listen to what you are saying.
    My advice would to avoid this clinic at all costs!!!

  • Ko
      28th of Jan, 2011
    +3 Votes

    And add further to my complaint about the Washington Center for Pain Management it the doctors treat you like you are a peace of [censor] as well and if you have chronic pain problems like I do it makes this even harder to deal with when you are in pain 24/7. I have had 3 lumbar fusion surgery's and tumor removed from my back and I have failed back syndrome and need my pain medication and they have cut me off my medication for two twice for no reason and when I talked to doctor about I was told to bad suffer and make another appointment in two weeks so we can charge you 18.50 for the office visit and bill Medicare 700 bucks for having you come in and see us for 30 minuets

  • Cr
      28th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I Dont know that theres Any Dr.'s anywhere that Care about their Patients that suffer from Chronic Pain Conditions like We do.Think They would all rather have Us Addicted to Pain Than to have Us Addicted to Pain Meds.Wonder If it could have something to do with the High Profile Cases Where People have gotten Addicted to Or have Taken too many Pain Pills & Died from them?The last Quack Dr. I went to said that the MRI & CT Scan Lied & That I had None of the Conditions that Appeared in the either, He wanted me to do P T 3 times a week & wrote me a prescription for a Pill that I looked up on the Internet that was nothing more than Aspirin & Caffeine.They set up my first appt.for P T At their Office before I left & Iam so happy that I did'nt trust this Dr.So much that I just wasted my time, gas &money on the Prescription he wrote me.They were Shocked when I Cancelled P T &My Follow-Up Appt.With them.Think Dr.'s Dont Care enough about their Patients it's All about Making Money while doing Nothing to Help their Patients Feel Better.Where I live I cant even Call a Dr.'s Office&Schedule an see a Dr.For my Chronic Pain Issue.Chronic Pain does lead to Depression, The Problem is that when you tell them your Depressed they Just want to treat you for that&Anti-Depressant Drugs Do Nothing to help with the Physical Pain.Sad that Dr.'s dont understand They Work for Us instead of thinking it's the other way around.You should be able to go on Medical Board.Com where you live&Check to see what They say about Your Dr.Should save you both time&money in the future.

  • Pa
      6th of Nov, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I just saw a doc at Advanced Pain Management last week for chronic pain due to Lupus and severe degenerative arthritis of the spine. This doc was so condescending. He told me that it wasn't the Lupus degenerating me, it was because I smoke and because I was fat. He gave me 2 prescriptions, one for pain and the other for migraines (neither of which worked, in fact they made me feel horribly drunk and didn't do a thing for the pain) and one prescription for physical therapy (which should have been done several years ago when my symptoms first started). He told me unless I had quit smoking by our next appointment and had a marked improvement on my weight that he wasn't going to refill my pain meds. He even went so far as to hold the script in front of me like a steak in front of a dog as he was saying this. Well the one med he gave me all it did is make me want to smoke and eat because I felt drunk the whole time. I have since quit that med and have gone back on the few pills I had left of the old meds I was on. This guy is a jerk. I have had 3 chiropractors even say that the degeneration would have happened in my back whether I weighed 100 or 200 and one of them knew me when I was really thin. I only became heavy since I no longer could exercise due to Lupus fatigue. I am also on a blood thinner and this doc said the steroid injection that he planned to do later this month wouldn't interfere with the blood thinner but that I would have to stop the blood thinner in order to take the injection. Well I am not risking another clot just to have him inject me God know where with a steroid ... I have pain everywhere so I don't know how he thinks a steroid injection is going to fix my chronic pain. He is a quack, I looked him up and he studied in Iraq, did his residency at 6 different hospitals only to end up in San Diego to study pain management. Obviously couldn't cut it anywhere else in the medical field as a doctor so now he is taking it out on the patients themselves. How sad. BTW, I am a retired nurse and trust me, if there were a magical shot, pill, or whatever I would take it to get better just so I could practice again!

  • Al
      3rd of Jan, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Tagalakis is no better

  • Be
      26th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    I agree--I made an appointment with this group of doctors and a week before the appointment they called and changed it to another date 6 weeks out! I decided to stay with the appointment, went there today, appt at 10:30a, paperwork-and there were about 15 pages of redundant questions-all filled out, got there at a little after 10a receptionist took my papers and my co-pay and we sat, and sat. People came in after us and were gone and for the last 15 minutes we were the only ones in the office. Finally after waiting 1 1/2 hours I went to the window and advised her we were leaving. She said that I had not waited that long since my appointment, which on the paperwork was 10:30a was actually 11:00. Since they want to make sure you are there on time they actually schedule you a half hour later than they tell you. Don't tell you that but they do. She was very rude. I also want to comment on their waiting room. More that one person came in from outside and said it was warmer outside than in the waiting room. We actually had to stop and get hot tea and warm up! I immediately called my insurance and advised them of the situation and if they tried to bill for the visit not to pay. He advised me that they can't charge that it would be fraud since there were no services rendered. My next call is to my bank to get my co-pay back. Hopefully their services will be better than this place or I will be changing banks next!!

  • Gi
      1st of Feb, 2016
    0 Votes

    I was seen this morning at the Advance Pain Management .The doctor refused to listen and even called me a liar when it came to the surgeries I've had to help with the pain. She also insisted that a traumatic brain injury will in no way cause pain. She wanted me to pee in a cup, take away my current pain and migraine meds to prescribe me meds that didn't work in the past including ones that caused a severe allergic reaction she also called me a liar when I told her that the documentation I gave her listed the severity of my allergic reaction. She went on to tell me that the Tylenol #4's prescribed by my palliative care doc was such a dose that my levels of opiates would be off the charts. She completely ignored the pain I came in for and instead concentrated on a pain that is caused because of the pain I came in for. Needless to say I will not be going back or allowing them to attempt to get additional money from me. I will be doing my best to make sure that non of my friends or acquaintances never visits any of their clinics

  • Ta
      30th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes

    I believe that the medical community has the biggest scam going on for "Pain Management". I agree after 6 years of "Pain Management" that it is a misnomer because they never fixed my pain and they made me beg for every token pain medication. Slow learner or just desparate for the medical community to do what they have the science and medication to do? I am drunk now as I have just given my latest "pain management" doctor the kiss off. No longer am I going to beg for help, my suffering due to deterioration of spine and bones cannot be fixed. I have lost all hope and live in despair. I am now going back to the thousand year old solution of the working man, , , , , , beer, whiskey, wine. These will give us better relief that the so called medical doctors who have absolutely no compassion or interest in helping mankind. Greed is the only motification running those pain management specialist.

  • Ve
      9th of Jan, 2019
    0 Votes

    Now their excuse for cutting back on pain medication is the CDC is making them do it. Oh Bullcrap, everyone's pain is still the same, how are we supposed to live with the same or worse pain on a lower dose of pain medication? How dare the insurance companies decide what is good enough for us and what is enough to resolve our pain? I'd like to see them live with two degenerative discs and a foot that has had 17 surgeries on it, and get the little bit of pain medication I receive every month - I'm sure they'd be whining to the high heavens about that, yet they're the ones who keeps cutting it back every couple of months. [censored]s. I've read all your stories above and my heart goes out to all of you, and I pray that you get the help you need. The war on drugs is for people that shouldn't have the drugs in the first place - the ones who are taking advantage of the system, are buying them illegally and HEROIN!! Mine are prescribed, and I don't buy them off the street, not do I ever want to, or have I tried leave me out of it.

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