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Advance LA, West Hollywood, CA / Advance LA, West Hollywood, CA

1 Los Angeles, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (323) 650-5022

About a year ago I decided to take my modeling career to the next level and get an agency. A few weeks later I met a guy who presented himself as Vance Peyton Miller. He told me that I had a good look and that I should send him my headshots - so I did. He then called and wanted to have an interview with me. I went in for the interview and everything went smoothly. UNTIL he told me I needed better pictures and I needed to shoot with his in-house photographer for $750. He told me he needed a $50 deposit which would be charged to my credit card. Like an idiot I gave out my info and but was charged $750 the following day. When I called and asked why he had charged the full amount - I was given some lame excuse about how an error had occurred and that the bank had misunderstood and accidentally charged the $750.. Yeah - right!...I kept my temper and stayed polite...I decided that at least I would get new headshots out of it...

The shoot was scheduled for 11am the following week. Vance didn't show up until 12.30pm. There were other girls there for the shoot as well. One girl that was there kept calling him "Matt" which I thought was very odd - since his name is Vance.

Anyhow, the pictures did not turn out well (to say the least). My best guess is that the so called in-house photographer was a relative or friend..Either way, he was the worst damn photographer I've ever worked with...To make matters worse, I was then told that I needed to sign up for a gym membership ASAP to tone up and then pay another $750 for a new set of pictures. I ofcourse was disgusted by this so I asked for my money back, since the pictures they had taken turned out virtually unusable, but they just told me to f... off and never come back again. What a not do business with Vance or anyone associated with him. Just another shark looking to make a quick buck. Shame on these people...

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