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I have been patient with this company for almost a year with only $50.00 to profit. I spent thousands of dollars with this company and with no customer service. The customer service reps are very rude and have no respect for their customers. I called to talk to them about my account they were very short and cut me off from talking each time. They speak over you and will not listen or help. I called to get assistance in my site and shipping and they told me they cannot ship to certain areas due to laws. (understand that) but when I asked them why did they not tell me this when I bought they site, i quote" you didn't ask". This is very distasteful and a scam. They told me they will give me international shipping for free, and I paid a thousand dollars which that was to include. This company is not customer service friendly and is only in to take your money. They promise you fast results and profit but they don't tell you that their vendors will not ship to half of the United States and most of their products do not have pictures. This is an adult novelty product line webbased store. Who wants to buy products you cannot see pictures to know what you are buying.? seriously, these types of companies must be stopped from scamming people from their hard earned money. Everyone is out to make money but if we allow them to continue scamming people we will continue to see failed businesses.

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  • Va
      5th of Feb, 2007
    Adriatic Services - Took my money and ripped me off!
    United States

    I was looking for online income. I was called by a sales person about opening an online adult store. I’m sure the salesmen all use the same line to get you in.

    Adult stores are the best money makers on the net. I wanted it under my boyfriends name even though I was gonna run it being he is a home owner. I wanted something easy. I said I dont have much computer knowledge. That I was disabled from a head injury long ago. They assured me customer service would help me learn what I needed to do. So I agreed on a $529 store front. Less items. But after I agreed to it. Looking it over I had second thoughts being I didn't understand anything I was suppose to do. Didn't even have my store yet and had second thoughts. I wrote customer service asking them to cancel. Never got an answer so I wrote them again. Eight days later I see, your web site is up. So I wrote them again. Finally I get a call back. They talked me out of backing out and conning me out of another $1000. I made them aware I was disabled from a head injury and I have a hard time learning things. And I'm slow. The sales persons name was Chris. I said, I don't understand computers. I don't know what anything means, I don't understand how to advertise I need to cancel. He then says something about Trump. How he paid advertisers or something to make him rich, and for that extra $1000.00. which now totaled over $1500.00. Said for that extra 1000.00 They would do the advertising for me. Asked me how much I wanted to be making. I said, a couple of thousand a month. He didn't tell me I wouldn't be. He lead me to believe I was getting this $4,500 package for $1000.00. That I would only have to do the emailing being I knew how to email. They gave me a google site. A free google site. That is my advertising I paid the extra $1000.00 for.

    But was getting a special deal that would of cost me $4,500. I bet they don't even have a package for that price. I think I was conned into giving them more money. They knew I wasn't gonna have one visitor at my site. My google site has an error on it. I called customer service for help to understand it. I was told they were to busy due to the valentines holiday coming up. My store had been up since beginning of Jan. not one penny made. My daughter wrote a letter to them. No response. Another person Mark I think his name was promised to help me. Made me promises a few times. Never kept his word. Chris is avoiding me. I'm sure he knows he scammed me. So here I sit in tears. Taking money from my bf who has been on same salary for over 20 years. Oh the sales person knew that too. That is a lot of money to put on our card assuming the store which is the biggest selling item online and they were gonna do the advertising for us that we would be able to pay our card back by that. The store hasn't made a dime. I just cant believe they wouldn't let me cancel and talked me out of more money. When they know i am disabled and that my bf doesn't make much money.

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  • Je
      11th of Nov, 2007

    I was contacted by this company as well, but I made it cleared that I was going to conduct a business background also check on any customer complaints and I also requested full business information like: full address (Not a PO Box), history on the company, the owners, complaint business numbers and email addresses. I did not allow them to push me into any
    business transactions. If you feel you are being rushed into a business deal, stand your ground, research, then make your move. An honest online business would display all the things I have mention above, as well as display selection and or picture of their company location. Food for thought.

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  • Ty
      22nd of Nov, 2007

    I am with this company and I disagree with the previous posts. If you expect to magically fill your pockets with money just because you have a website, than your sadly mistaken. Any business venture takes time and investment. I chose this company because I after trying to build one myself from scratch, I quickly learned that I would need to spend thousands of dollars just to get my site online. That doesnt even include advertising. for example: I had to build a site, get a merchant account, stock my own inventory, get my own toll free number, get hosting and than figure out a way to keep the inventory on my site in sync with actual inventory. Needless to say, I was at a loss and in way over my head. With this company, they did ALL of that for me for a one time setup fee and a small monthly fee. Am i rich now from this program... NO!!! Did I expect to be? NO. They were quite open about the programs potential. The more you put in, the more you will get out. That made sense. And now Im getting a small supplemental income every month. Its not enough for me to quit my day job, but it definitely helps subsidize my income. Im sure i could make more if i invested more into marketing and in time hopefully i will be able to do that. Overall, I think its a fair program at a fair price considering what you get...

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  • Ch
      13th of Jun, 2008

    I cancelled my account in January on 2008 they have stilled charged my credit card every month up until now for $69.99 i have called and i have written and sent e-mails They keep telling me they won't charge my cc again but they still do. I have filed a complaint with my cc company and i am going to file one with the Az attorney generals office. These people are a rip off. DON"T DEAL WITH THEM!!! cheryl

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  • Ju
      16th of Jun, 2008

    Not sure yet. I have a BBB form with their name on it. We owned a small business that was very successful. So far the marketing department has not been very helpful. All the sudden trying to get help or and answer to email is worse than pulling teeth.

    I have the next two days off and will spend them trying to resolve my questions and concerns. I expect every issue and question to be resolved. We have had an attorney on retainer for 20+years. If nothing else, he will finally earn his keep!

    Hopefully it will not go that far.


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  • St
      7th of Feb, 2009

    I to have one of those net co. not one penny have I made . They tell me it is my advertising .I have spent several thousand dollars on advertising in the five months I have had this co. I still have not seen a dime . They are in cahoots with the meter readers . they re rout sales .I personally had a friend purchase from my site it took five days to get a conformation that he had purchased any thing. I only receive the sale after I [censor]ed for days . There excuse They had no Idea the system is admitted . I tried it several times there after still Not a dime and and no conformation that an order had gone threw. I am still with this co. till I can resolve all the issues. My site is

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  • St
      7th of Feb, 2009

    I agree that it takes time and the fee would be justified. How ever they said the same song and dance to me. You get what you put in. I have invested four straight months .Hundreds if not thousands of hours in this site .I have done every thing suggested one would need to get this dead duck in the air . I have done top notch advertising with metro mix, city link. News papers . Number one advertising mags in five different states. did Google ads Internet advertising .I am listed and not much ells. I have since opening this site on 9/11 of 08 received zero training as said would happen and have a coach. Never happened .If having some one avoid you and or snort a line over the phone as you are asking them were your money has gone . Then yes they did there part.

    I have to date spent 5000.00 dollars on this site from Adriatic Services . Have consulted specialist in web building .Designed and redesigned to specialize my site and still nothing.

    I have had More than one hundred thousand visitors (100, 000.00) to my site since I have opened .NOT ONE sale reported. The odds of averages are against that out come all together.

    If you are looking to better your self and make real if any money at all I DO NOT ENDORSE ADRIATIC SERVICES. They are not the place to invest your money.

    They tell you straight out the only way you are going to make money with this site is to sell, NOT ON YOUR OWN SITE, but to sell on ebay and do home parties, What is wrong with the web site I just paid 1, 500.00 for? Why is that not working?. I make a suggestion. For me I am keeping the site. Only to use them as they have me. I am Making a new site from a company that specializes in adult sites they will charge me 500.00 for the whole ball of wax. It does not have as many pages for every item but then again It does not have to . I will promote any item when and how I like . All sales will then be reported and processed by me. I get the order then order it straight from them and have it dropped shipped by them . Doing all of this whole sale then have my own up pricing . Did you ever notice how there shipping prices change as well ? It is organic, it does what ever it likes . comparison items in size and weight could and do have different shipping prices. That is the only way with out getting them to pay me back, Will I make back and then some my investment.

    pleas email me your experience at [protected] lets talk. It is the first amendment.

    also look at this /URL removed/

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  • Ob
      13th of Mar, 2009

    I am so glad i read this post BEFORE doing any business with Adriatic. I was contacted by salesman Ray. His call seemed very odd to me also as he was on a cell phone the entire time, not in an office. Does anyone know of a reputable site in which I could become a reseller of erotic toys. i tried slumber but i am not so sure about them either. they tell you that theywill only allow you to sell their items thru home parties and not on YOUR OWN personal website but rather they, like adriatic, want to set up a site for you and all sales must go thru them. what is worse is that they only give you credits for the items you sell online, not the cash. that is too fishy to me. All of these things should run like Avon or Tupperware in which i get the items directly, customers pay me directly, and if I want to build my own site and sell the items, I can. I strongly disagree with the post that said they had no problems with Adriatic. Please note that what they listed as Adriatics strong points are lifted directly from the marketing material that Adriatic sends you. By the way, one can build their own website and get hosting for FREE, so adriatic is not giving you anything and they certainly should not be charging people. Also, you generally only have to pay for your domain name, not the web hosting.

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  • Ro
      19th of Mar, 2009


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  • Se
      7th of Sep, 2009

    Yep... Adriatic is a scam!!
    paid 9000 bucks 3 years ago!
    had 4 sales
    missleading sales people, , they dont get back to me, they are rude and unprofessional...
    they lied about my potential income and i have to complain to get a sale...hmmm. conincidence? i think not!
    don't waste your money friends!!!
    Don't do it!!!

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  • Sc
      16th of Jan, 2010

    I've found reports online that this "company" is a scam. Also, I compared the W9 sent to me with the real W9 from the IRS and there are major discrepancies. It leaves out certain information such as the whole section for "secure your tax records for identity theft" along with other small things that are to identical to the real IRS W9. I will make sure I cut my losses with this one. Also, I talked to someone named Jon, but I could have sworn the 1st person who called me name was Rob or Robert..something like that.

    After signing up, I received an email from [protected] and then two more emails from [protected], if he indeed worked for this company, why would I receive emails from different sources. He claimed that I should talk with them if I needed anything because they were the "pros".

    Also, there are so many websites pointing to this company such as, along with, and

    I'll take a L on the $80.00 I spent signing up; but this makes me remember when I spoke to Jon, he told me that all I had to pay was $80.00, and never mentioned the monthly fee.

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  • An
      2nd of Feb, 2010

    I was also scammed by this company. I spent thousands of dollars on this site and their advertisements and only made $50.00 throughout the entire year. I researched why I wasn't making sales and it was because this company would not ship to half of the United States and did not have me signed up for International shipping until 2 weeks ago. WTF. How can I make sales if they won't ship the product to anyone.?!!! This company is a scam. I tried to cancel about 6 months ago and they promised me all this new shipping areas and products but the vendor still would not ship to any of the areas. Half of the United States is grayed out plus the other half will not ship the DVD's. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS SCAM!


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  • Je
      15th of Feb, 2010

    i just started with ais Friday. i used their online chat help. i am technologically chall3enged so i needed a lot of help. 6 hours worth. they helped me reconfigure my store. they have a feature called autopopulate, which they say loads the most popular products in each category of merchandise. i agree that no one wants to buy merchandise that has no picture so they taught me how to delete those items and select my own. it is a lot of work, i also have to design my welcome page cause its very plain. they also walked me through StatCounter, which helps me track how many people visit my site. One of the sales people was quite pushy regarding store upgrade however. so far I've invested $130 plus $59 per month to maintain my store. we"ll see how it goes.

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  • Ke
      24th of May, 2010

    u have made 1$ one dollar in six months and when i would not the charge go threw for the months service fee my email was lit up with notices. like because they haven't received there fee i could loose income, they seemed truly worried when i told them my income was limited and i couldn't afford to loose to much and i was reassured if i work it i will make it i9t will take msix months to make it worth your while 1 dollar and i have spent 700 $ ya right!!! i think there charges ARE MUCH LESS NOW THAN IVE SEEN IN THE COMPLAINTS and to whoever said this your right the website sucks its a template of a as cheap do it yourself website and i believe thge only money being made from the A.I.S.websites is at A.I.S. and not from selling toys but selling the websites with all there upgrades and monthly service fees they are cleaning house BY THE WAY THIS BUSINESS IS LOCATED IN ARIZONA ARIZONA HAS THE LEAST RESTRICTIONS ON GUNS IN THE NATION SO THE OFFICE ADDRESS IF YOU GOOGLE EARTH IT I BELIEVE IS LOCATABLE BUT I COULDNT FIND THE ACTUAL STORE SO I THINK ADDRESS IS AT A POSTAL STORE

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  • Om
      3rd of Jul, 2010

    A.I.S is not that bad as you make them out to be...

    I have been with this company for a few months and have had a few sales.
    As a business owner and doing ALOT of research on having my own business before just jumping into it, I know that it takes about 1 year for your biz to start popping off.
    But it will only do well if you work at it. You cant just expect to have a site map and international shipping and expect sales right away, You need to do a [censored]load of advertising etc.
    You should try doing some home parties aswell using your product.
    I have a little computer knowledge however I did need a bit of help. They had me set up fast and answered my questions right away.
    I found my back office very easy to work with.
    Some products not having pictures is pretty petty thing to worry about, don't like something erase it simple as that!
    Why didn't you ask questions before putting out money anyways?
    You should have waited on getting all the extras for your site, you can do alot of the stuff they offer yourself for free with a handy tutorial, if you would have done some reading up.

    This is YOUR business they are your supplier, its not up to them to get you the sales its up to you to go get them and your definitely not gonna get them going about it this way.

    The folks at the customer service desk at A.I.S have always been nice and I've never really had a problem.
    I did have a problem once before but this was something that was my own fault, I called the office and i was pissed, so I was rude to them, in return they were rude to me, which was to be expected, however we got the issues resolved.
    There are state laws that apply that A.I.S can't have any control over. I really suggest to that you do a lil more reading up.
    I love my store and plan on having it for sometime, and A.I.S has excellent wholesale prices, better then some other wholesale companies, and to top it off you got the freedom to work your biz the way YOU want it.
    Have fun with it and advertise!

    Passionately Mira, Vancouver, BC.

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  • De
      15th of Nov, 2010

    Ugh... I just got off of a long winded and disappointing phone call with some guy from AIS. I joined their site on Friday for 99 bucks and after speaking to this "salesman" I am totally sick to my stomach. How can these guys get away with lying to people???

    It does NOT cost 5k to create a sitemap. There are websites online that can do it for you for free. After his whole presentation about where websites using AIS rank, good gravy! I have a ranking tool on my browsers. NONE OF THESE FAKE SITES RANKED WITH GOOGLE! I don't know if I should demand my money back or just cut my losses and inform Paypal NOT to accept any payment requests from this company. I didn't submit the Hosting agreement so legally they cannot charge me for their fake hosting.

    I didn't tell this desperate fella that I'm a software development project manager with two master's degrees and that I am the proud owner of 12 websites online. His lies really disgusted me. Ugh!!!

    I am so sorry that some of you have been scammed out of thousands of dollars. Know this! It does NOT take thousands of dollars to get your website ranked by Google or any of the others. There are software applications (free) that can actually do those types of things for you online.

    Good luck to you all!

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  • Lo
      14th of Feb, 2011

    I have been with ais for 1 year now and have not had any problems with the staff except online chat takes a little while because they are dealing with multiple people at once. I have spent approx 1500 in advertising and made 200 in profits. One of the biggest problems I think is the high shipping cost considering most other online adult stores offer free shipping. If we had lower shipping cost i think it could do alot better, for instance I can send a dvd anywhere in us for $1.70 and ais charges 6.99.

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  • Ss
      19th of Feb, 2011

    AIS is a scam only ones making money here are the owners of AIS!! I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND using this company and be aware of them stealing your URL and using your graphics. I also generated many visitors to the site and have had friends purchase from the site only to receive a whopping $3.65! DO NOT EVER let anyone have control of your website you will be far better off getting your own domain name and paying $10.00 a month to have you ISP host it and get a wholesaler from China! Not to mention shipping costs are way to high and a lot of their products are pretty cheesy. Not much ROI here. There are a lot better ways to make money and get a ROI!!!

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  • Ja
      7th of Nov, 2012

    First of all s-scamed i dont think they can steel your ulr they register our domian thru godaddy do your research .I think you just don't
    no what your doing, I recently purched a site from them and so far i have had no problems, I am concerned about all the negative reports i've been reading.i could kick myself for that because i have spent hours apon hours doing research about every thing, from
    search engine submition to driving targeted traffic on and on.i never even touched a computer until 3 months ago to top it off i had 0
    marketing skills at all but you know what i figured it out by myself how reaserch reaserch site has been active for 8 days
    on the 5 day i started getting traffic by myself i genarated over 600 visits to my site in just them three days and they still just keep coming .i will continue to promote my site because even though i have all those visits my sites isent realy on the map yet .I have also reasearched other complianers web sites they post an these comments i could not find any information on there site but i did visit there
    store strange huh. because you know what i reasearched mine and guess what i found mine just after 8 days there post was a year old
    somethings wrong with that picture and they wonder why they havent made any money, anyway i hope your all wrong about ais beacause i have poured my heart into this and i plan to make this with or with out there help plus you cant depend on some one else
    to do your job, they told you up front you market your store!!! anyway my god be with you all and my we all profit with this venture we
    all took because i plan on doing so and mabey i wont have al the problems iv'e been reading about. thanks kevin foreman

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