Administrative Assistant / Just figured out this was a scam

1 Eutaw, AL, US

I have been looking for a job know for over 3 months so you can imagine my Suprise when I recieved this email from a Kamea Johnson (hiring department) that they found my resume on and that the current administrative assistant job hadn't been filled. Mrs. Johnson told me that I needed to upload Yahoo Messenger so that a Mrs. Netia Phillip could contact me but she would have to be on my buddy list to conduct the online interview. I recieved this message November 15, 2012 and Mrs. Phillip is supose to contact me November 16, 2012 at 8:00am. At first I thought this was for real but I put Netia Phillip email in and they had never heard of her. I'm not sure if or Yahoo Messenger or who is trying to get over on me but I wasted a lot of my day messing with this crap when I could have been doing something constructive like applying for a ligit job. I would like an answer to what is was that tried to scam me. Shame on people that do other people actually trying to get a job, but everyone gets there day. Thank you for your time and I hope you can help me. Please email me at [protected]

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