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adina presman / anti semitic content on website 'Jew Watch'

1 England, Greater London, United Kingdom

I have been led to believe that if 500, 000 signatures are on a petition, then you will shut down a website which contains offensive content. The website Jew Watch is offensive and racist, the petition has many more than the required number of signatures, and yet this highly unpleasant nazi propoganda is still published by google. Please remove it, it is un-believably upsetting, especially as this is exactly the kind of propoganda that led to the death camps in the 2nd world war, where 6, 000, 000 jews and 6, 000, 000 other undesirables (gypsies, gays, people who spoke out against or wouldn't c0-0perate with the mass murder) were gassed, shot, starved and worked to death. The anti-semite jew-haters, should keep their opinions to themselves, the majority of decent people don't want to know about their nasty ideas. In England it is illegal to incite racial hatred, as I hope it is in all civilised countries (it certainly is in Germany).

Please remove this website. It is horrible.

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