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1 Dombivli, IN

Sub.: Land Mafiya had grabbed land of poor villagers
Respected Sir,
A person named Mr. Maya Balaram Patil (Bhu-Mafiya) & his family members, who resides in Thane District, Maharashtra at Usatane Village, Tal. Ambernath. Those people had grabbed my Grandmothr’s land named Late Smt. Fasibai Gopal Joshi and my father named late Shri Gangaram Gopal Joshi both of them were threatened by Mr. Maya Balaram Patil (Bhu Mafiya) & his family many times when they went there to have look at our land. Hence, they were afraid to go there. My name Mr. Adik Gangaram Joshi, I was not matured to look after it. After I got position, I had sent him notice from my advocate P. J. Swant. After receiving the notice from me, they tried to threatened me as well as my family. As I got to know they have filled a case against Kanhubai Namdev Mhatre. (R.M.N. Suit No. 229/2008 at Ulhasnagar court. Meanwhile, Bhu-mafiya had sent me a notice to attend the same case as a party mentioned above that too against me. I had record at Talathi which belongs to my grandmother is reflecting as he and his family members name because he had managed local authorities. They had been doing the same thing with other poor villagers by managing local authorities in Usatane Village. These people took financial benefits in a healthy ratio by grab many properties and avoiding owners rights. He is not even paying taxes as specified by Government there to all properties. I request you to look in to this matter as a priority and take necessary action against him and kindly search properties through out Tahsildar, Talathi and belonging authority and please schedule a sudden inquiry on him. I am writing you this letter with lot of hopes to get justice.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Adik Gangaram Joshi

Mar 21, 2017

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