ADI Marketing/AMarketing / Disability Disrmination/Harrassment

Marietta Winder, GA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 770-867-2867

I was hired from a vocational rehabalitation program as a disabled person wanting to supplement my disability and return to the work force. The company knew upon hiring me of my medical situation and accomodated my absences due to my medical illnesses at first but then after a change in their "attendance policy, " told me they would no longer accomodate me in any unplanned absences. The absences were few over the course of the year and all but one was for my own medical condition. I supplied medical notes and other documentation but was still singled out, bullied me over and over to sign a "Corrective Counseling" write up to which they would not give me a copy of, and after repeatedly cornering me and harrassing me to sign this form, I signed it. I was not given a copy of it to this day. I already had approval for an upcoming surgery but then they bullied me again to come back in to revise my paperwork to come back to work just 3 days after my surgery. When the doctor refused to release me back to work that soon and was sending the doctors notes over, they called me in and fired me on the spot.. This company is as shady as they come and I hope this gets to the eyes and ears of their clients because they alter documentation, bully and harrass their employees, have created a hostile work environment by actualling cursing their employees, all at the same time playing serious mind games with people and manipulating them.They cheat employees out of their bonuses, which they earn by hard work and I seriously hope a class action lawsuit comes as a result of all the unlawful discrimination they have done and they will get financially penalized to the point of bankruptcy and closure. DO NOT WORK AT ADI MARKETING!!

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