Adele ServicesFraudlent charges to bank account

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This company charged against my CC $.21 for ???? I did not give them my CC #. This was on 11/21/2008. On 11/30/2008 I had to have my computer cleaned for spyware that had attached to my Interent Explorer. I also had charges pending for the New York Times. I did not, or have I ever subscribed to this magazine. Then came the $.21 then came $151.00 to Amazon all within 1 week all charged to my CC account. OK $.21, who would pay attention to $.21 on there bank statemnet, but multiply that x 100, 000 people, BINGO- pay day and fraud..

The Attorney General for New York needs to investigate this. The Amazon is also in NY along with the Newe York Times magazine.

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  • Li
      Dec 02, 2008

    We were charged .25 on 11/22/08 against our debit/credit card. I'm cancelling our card tomorrow w/our bank. I am hearing reports that the company/persons in question has the 3 digit pin number from the back of the card. The only place we have used the card with the 3 digit pin was on 11/16 at Circuit City. Apparently all the computers were down at the store we shopped at. The girl had to copy our information on a carbon copy booklet and then imprinted our card. On our copy I noticed the 3 digit pin was wrtitten down along with our name and address. This is the only store I can think of that "may" have "allegedly" stolen our card info. Anyone else shop at circuit city lately and have the same happen to them. I'd be interested to know.

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  • Th
      Dec 03, 2008

    I shopped at Circuit City on 11/17. I bought one item and paid for it by swiping my debit/credit card through the reader. On 11/20/08 I have a charge of $.24 to ADELE SERVICES. I just now noticed the charge and tried to figure out who Adele Services was which led me here. Needless to say I will be canceling my card today.

    I don't know if shopping at Circuit City and the Adele Services charge is a coincidence but something strange is going on.

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