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Wt Tampa, FL Review updated:

Whatever you do, do not use (ADDvantage Real Estate) or any other flat fee company in my opinion. They exaggerate the products with a lot of hype, and you falsely believe that they are providing superior service. THIS IS NOT TRUE. ADDvantage falsely claims that you have a better chance of selling by listing with them, in reality, they will sell you flat fee MLS services and products at inflated prices that produce no results. Don't be fooled.

ADDvantage basically sells you a trumped up MLS packages of redundant photos, Enhancements, tours and web pages that no one will ever see. All of those "LEADS" they claim you will get, won't happen. The few people that do browse your listing are just window-shoppers, and other desperate sellers, checking on the competition. Think about it, all of those ads you see on the WEB are aimed at you, the seller, and not the important BUYERS. You never see them saying, "Come to our website to buy your home." It is always "Sell your home with ADDvantage." By the way, those "Testimonials" are all fake. It's all really a big, giant scam aimed at you, to line their pockets with your money. Yes, if your foolish enough to buy their flat fee mls service, you will quickly realize that they will get all the money upfront and careless about your sale. Take some good advice, and use a legitimate REALTOR and not a flat fee wannabe Realtor.

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  • Ro
      Apr 04, 2009

    The testimonials are not fake. They are all given by clients who have successfully used ADDvantage to sell their homes.

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  • Te
      Nov 22, 2009

    I agree 100%... Addvantage Real Estate and Keith Gordon promised the world over the phone and all the hype about their software? After mistakenly purchasing their services I quickly realized that their program and software was a rip-off scam.

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  • Sh
      Oct 16, 2015

    A bad experience with a single real estate company offering flat fee real estate services is not reflective of real estates offices that offer flat fee or discount real estate services. that would be like saying because you had bad chicken wings at Wing House, all restaurants are bad.

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