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I first became an Addr customer in December, 2000 when I signed up for a 1 year prepaid hosting package, with an option to renew each year for $107.24. I was generally happy with the functionality and ease of use of the hosting service at that time. I renewed twice with my credit card, the last renewal occurring on 12/16/2002. Based on the order I placed, the hosting relationship should have expired on 12/16/2003, which would be fine as I did not have a need to keep the domain active beyond 2003.

Recently, when trying to renew my domain with Network Solutions, I was informed that the ‘primary’ contact for was still Addr and I needed to first get that contact changed. Upon my support call, to my complete surprise, I was told that my account was still open now 4 years later, & I had an outstanding balance of $429.84 that needed to be paid immediately. This was the first communication I had with Addr in over 4 years and it was entirely initiated by my inquiry.

When I contacted the billing dept, they informed me of a current policy by which my hosting order was automatically renewed and billed to my account. This was not disclosed in the terms of my original order, nor was I notified when the auto-renewals occurred. Apparently, the contact information being used by Addr did not reflect the correct, updated addresses I had previously furnished. Getting data from Addr is difficult and disjointed. My requests for the original contracts with attached terms and conditions and complete communication attempt history have not yet been fulfilled.

A quick study of consumer complaints reveals these billing and administrative practices have been an ongoing issue at Addr. This company has a history of unfair and deceptive business practices.

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Mike Rozenblum - CEO -
Anthony Bourov - CTO -
Leon Elperin - Billing Manager -
Hope Dawson - Billing -
Tim Stanley - Billing -
Steve Barrington - Customer Relations -

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  • Sh
      4th of Sep, 2007
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    I too have had a horrendous problem with I have been with them for a number of years, with really no problems or issues to speak of.

    In April of this year, I had them host a new web site for us and placed a year billing on my credit card. The amount was to be for $221.44, for one year web hosting.
    When I got my monthly credit card billing, they had charged me $885.82. They had billed be four (4) times for the same site hosting.

    When I called the company, who now outsources to India, they would not resolve my issue on the phone because they said they wanted me to fax them a copy of my credit card statement.

    There is no reason for anyone to send a copy of a credit card billing for charges made incorrectly by that company. If they have legal and proper accounting practices in place, they would be able to look up the charges and determine where the problem is. It does however require research, which is the least they can do for placing charges on my credit card illegally.

    When they refused to credit my account, I disputed the credit card billings that I was overcharged. I received a credit on my next credit card statement in the amount of $664.38, the amount that I was overcharged. That meant that the correct billing, in the amount of $221.44, stayed on my credit card. So that should mean that I am paid for one year right???

    Well, here is it, September of 2007, I am trying to do business online with my site and I am getting an error code saying that my web site was found but was not obtainable.

    When I called, they proceeded to tell me that since I did a charge back on my credit card for the illegal charges they placed on it, that they discontinued my service, ALTHOUGH I PAID FOR ONE YEAR!

    When I spoke with their billing department, who also happens to be the customer support and tech service department, I was guaranteed that it would be taken care of. After my second phone call, the person in billing put my site back up stating that it would stay up until my billing issue was resolved.

    When I went to get some important things done with my site this morning, the site was again shut down. Again, so much for professionalism.

    I wrote to all the pertainent people concering this problem waiting an answer. Thank your for that info.

    I gave them a deadline and will proceed with another charge back if they don't fulfil their contract with my for keeping up my web site.

    So far, I have worked with 3 companies that were fine to deal with, until suddenly they started outsourcing their business to India and the professionalism is to be desired.

    Even after this is all resolved, I will drop Addr get another web hosting company, and make sure everyone knows about the unprofessionalism with and not to use them.

  • Li
      11th of Sep, 2007
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    I signed up with on November 7, 1999 and signed up for a Silver account for 1 year by paying $108.46. In April of 2001, I was going through my records, and saw that I had not yet been billed for the second year. So I sent them an email and asked them if I shouldn't have been billed by now for the second year, which started in November of 2000? I sort of doubted that their services were free! They gladly sent me an invoice on April 15 asking me to pay $107.46 for a second year. I gladly paid it. Well, that was the last bill they ever emailed me.

    By November of 2004, I had signed up with a new web hosting company since no longer provided the options and storage space I needed - and I wasn't sure about their service anymore since I never heard from them. Of course I did not renew my yearly plan by simply not paying. After all, according to the invoice, it states that service would be interrupted if you do not pay - which means to me that service would be discontinued.

    I was shocked when on August 17, 2007 I received an email from stating that I owed them $441.59, with $322.38 being back charges. I emailed them back on August 22, telling them that I purposely had not paid them for the past 3 years because I had dropped their services and have not been using them. I kindly reminded them that their invoice states that service will be interrupted when payment is not received. Every service I know about is automatically disconnected when payment is stopped. So I presumed the same here. Furthermore, what do they expect when they have not sent me any annual bill since April 2001 - and that one only because I asked for it?

    I also am aware of the fact that in 2001, 46000 customer records were stolen from - including credit card numbers, etc. Fortunately, my card is expired. However, tonight I received another notice from stating that I must respond within 48 hours. It also asked my to update my credit card information - which makes me very suspicious as to whether I am dealing with the right people - or the thieves.

    It is obvious that totally ignored my previous message sent on August 22. So I sent the same message again to them, explaining that the reason they have not been paid for the past 3 years is because I switched to a different web host company and I no longer wished to use their service. It is not my fault if they did not interrupt the service when I did not renew my yearly service. Again I remined them of what the invoice said back in 2001, and even this last one, that service would be interrupted if payment is not received. In my book, this means automatic service deactivation when payment is no longer received - and no customer can be held liable years later because the provider failed to close the account as promised!

  • Da
      17th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have also recieved the same email despite cancelling my service a long time ago. Has anyone responded or had any response from ADDR?

  • To
      25th of Sep, 2007
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    I also received an email demanding payment when I canceled service over 4 years ago. Not only that, but magically, my domain name which 2 years ago was not available via any DNS query is now back with a default page hosted by To say this company has a history of unfair and deceptive business practices seems an understatement. Has anyone had any success at resolving this kind of issue with them?

  • Ch
      27th of Sep, 2007
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    I too received a letter earlier this week after no contact for 4 years. I cancelled my account 4-5 years ago and apparently they have debiting my checking account ever since. They emailed and got through my spam blocker and indicated that they hadn't been able to debit my account lately. T'his is completely disgusting.

    They could really use a class action suit. These guys are bad news.

  • An
      29th of Nov, 2007
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    I too have received a bill, thankfully I canceled the card years ago, that says I owe 4 years of past hosting when I canceled my account years ago. This is the first I have heard from them. Here is a place where tons of people are having the same problem. The list goes on and on!!!

    They are scamming their old customers.

  • De
      13th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I just got the same email. Has anyone been contacted by any sort of collection agency as they mention in the email?

  • De
      24th of Jan, 2008
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    We are the the same situation with the billing. No notice of any charges for the past two years after cancellation and now all of a sudden we owe over $300. This is obviously the only way they can make money. They will not provide an itemized listing of the charges but continue to ask for payment even after constant requests. Can they really expect me to pay the amount they say is due without even understanding what the charges are. Do they report it to the credit bureau's? If so, maybe I need to send a communication to them also?

  • Ca
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    I am a professional web master and have had several customers who at one time or another were hosted by Both were being harassed for none payment of non provided service i.e. way beyond the time they were with Unfortunately, this appears to be a real moiney maker idea with And if it works, why change. My question is has anyone found a way to turn these slugs off. Even if what they are doing in billing is not strictly illegal it is obviously and unfair and sleezy business practice. What can be done other than just whining here about how we got taken by

  • Je
      4th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Add me to the list of people that have been billed years after cancellation.

    So far, I have tried to call them, and talked to an indian gentleman who did pretty much nothing but tell me that I never canceled my account (which I closed well over 2 years ago), told me what they said I owed, and told me how to cancel the account now. Sure...

    They don't have any current billing information for me...I moved several times since then, and I have a different credit card now.

    I basically know that what they are doing with this isn't legal - it's their own fault that they don't discontinue service years after an account is canceled and all payments have stopped. (Item #1 in the terms of services says that they "may" discontinue service when they aren't paid. Sounds like a good idea addr - why don't you try that?) I am interested in hearing what other people's experiences have been with this though. I wrote to some of the other people here so far, and I know at least some of them just filed BBB complaints and just left it alone. ( is wrong here, and they know it.)

  • Jo
      23rd of Aug, 2008
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    I am receiving their service from past 8 years and i do not have any problems like this because im responsible for whatever im commiting.You people purchase a account and do not bother to close it and you will forget never bother to update the email address that you change. they provide you the service so they charge for it whether you use it or not. it is your responsibility to cancel the account if you are not using it because you created it.They have the authority to sue you, dumb ### because they will have your website stored in their servers if you are not closing the account. You cannot argue that your website is not working because they are not responsible for your actual domain name but your "username" will definitely pull up you website.

  • Ja
      19th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Hi, Glad to see I'm not the only one this has happened too. I recently received an email saying i owed $720 on my account, which I closed (or assumed I'd closed) 4 years ago!. They say they won't cancel my account until I pay up. I told them I did email to cancel and I will not be paying. Why did it take them so long to tell me about it if I still had an account with them?. Hm. I'm still waiting for a response.
    I've taken legal advice and I've been told if you've emailed to cancel your account and have changed companies, they cannot take money from you. There's also legal action you can threaten them with, including taking legal action for harassement under the protection from harassement Act. I'll certainly be mentioning that if they bother me again.

  • De
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    Eventually after I kept calling their California offices and left messgaes for anyone who had a voicemail box, they gave up on me. When I spoke to someone and requested a full billing history be faxed to me that day, it didn't happen. I was told a few hours, so I called back. I kept pressing the issue, and eventually they just stopped calling me once they realized they weren't going to get anything from me.

  • Ti
      8th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I see the last post was over 100 days ago. It seems as if is still at it, since they just pulled the "let's scam some ex clients" game on me. I had three accounts with them all starting in 1998. Two of the accounts sat pretty much dormant (I had not paid on them after a year or two or around 2000), but the third account I had paid upon as recently as 2004.

    I recently received a couple of garbled and somewhat computer generated sounding Indian accented voice mails recently telling me one of my accounts was past due and I owed them almost $600.00. On the first call, which I returned, I was told by "Robert" that it was a mistake on their part and I shouldn't worry about it.

    On the second voice mail soon after, I became a bit irritated since the first return call didn't seem to sink in. I emailed them a few times, back and forth, and they told me I had to log into the website to close the account, otherwise the account was not officially closed. I reiterated that I had closed the accounts not only verbally over the phone quite a few years ago, but also their early invoices stated they would close the accounts if the recurring annual charges were not paid, which put my mind at rest on the matter. Since it is a standard practice for vendors with recurring charges to just close an account when a new bill is not paid, and there was no follow up I naturally assumed the accounts were closed. My mistake since here it is 10 years later and unbeknown to me, my accounts have been active this whole time and my websites have been on their servers since then (even though I could not log on a few times when I tried to download the pages a year or two after the accounts went unpaid).

    I decided to call the Indian support center (which I recorded) and spoke to "Hilda" from whom I requested all past due billings, statements and payment records with any change of terms they have instituted over the years. She said she would email them to me. She also told me they had been sending me paper bills to my prior address over the years. I asked her why they would not have followed up with a phone call or email when they went unpaid for so long and why they would wait 10 years to do so, but she could not answer. I also asked her why only two of the three accounts were past due. She told me the third account didn't have as much of a balance due (unpaid since 2004) and that as a courtesy to me, they are both waiving the past due charges and also closed it for me. I asked her why they would close one account but not the others to which she stated, "There is not as much of a balance that had accumulated" and "We cannot let you off on all of your accounts". So, it's obvious they are pulling these old dormant accounts from a database and cherry picking the one's whose "past due" balances are enough to bother with.

    Also I am sure they are baiting people to fill out the account closure form hoping the wording on the form reinstates (or at least appears to) the legal obligation to pay them the money where otherwise the statute of limitations (4 years in CA) would have run out. What they are doing is outright dishonest and probably illegal. I am surprised they are still practicing these tactics. I am filing complaints with as many entities as I can if they do not stop harassing me, plus I will also file harassment charges if needed. These ### need to be put out of the scamming business.

    BTW, John looks as if he is an exec. What kind of idiot would assume you have to give written notice when an invoice says your account will be closed if you don't pay the invoice?

  • Je
      6th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Haven't used Addr in over 5 years and they called me today on my cell phone saying I owed over $600.

  • Ia
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Has anybody heard from as far as addressing the above claims? Here is what they wrote a few days ago:

    Thank you for contacting Billing Department.

    We are aware of the links that you have sent us. We would like to inform
    that we have looked into the complaints individually. Most of the
    complaints have been brought to satisfactory resolution depending on the
    issue. Obviously, the URLs mentioned the complaints but not the
    resolutions that would have been achieved.

    Also, as you have filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau, our
    Manager will get back to you with a reply to that complaint.

    Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

    Thank you and have a great day !

    Best Regards,
    Steve Barington Billing (24/7 availability)
    Toll Free : 1-877-ADDR-COM
    International : (408) 938-0698
    Fax : (408) 516-9488
    Chat :

    Is this True? Has most of these complaints been resolved. Please go to the BBB of San Diego and file a complaint. Their deceptive billing practices have to stop.

  • El
      26th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    DO NOT CONTRACT WITH ADDR.COM. Most importantly, they are much more expensive than the best, most highly rated web hosts that are available (and I guarantee you that addr is not among the best).

    Once you share your credit card with them, they own you. They automatically bill you for a year, don't send you any email notifications, and you're expected to pay, whether you want addr or not.

    In the early 2000s, their servers were hacked, and customer credit-card information was stolen. That's how secure they are.

    Their support is entirely in India. Why would you want to do business with a company that outsources to India?

    If you try to pay with a check, they don't notify you when payment is due. If you send a check to them, they may cash it in two or three months...OR NOT AT ALL.

    Again, DON'T DO BUSINESS with Compare them with, for example, InMotion hosting, which provides a much more extensive package for one-fourth the price of addr.

  • Ch
      9th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have posted and contacted the BBB but had no reply from Steve Barrington or Leon Elperin. I had a copyright infringement lawsuit on 2 photos that used when they designed my website. Having hired this "web design firm" I figured they licensed the pictures, however that wasn't the case. I was accused of copyright infringement to the tune of $4000 for 2 photos. Steve Barrington said to simply ignore the request and it was a ploy for money. However 2 weeks later, we received another package saying it was now up to $30, 000. After numerous calls and messages, no one at ADDR.COM will call me back.

    BEWARE - of doing business with this company. Obviously they have terrible business practice and ethics.

  • He
      19th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Their security is terrible; my site was thoroughly hacked. My content was wiped out and replaced with hundreds of folders and sub-folders of hacker material.

    ADDR decided put my account on hold - which was basically denying me access, yet leaving the hacker material online free to be used as a phishing site. |ADDR never notified me. It took me 6 weeks to find out my site was offline. They canceled the so-called hold on the site, and told me to clean up. But I could NOT - the hackers had changed the permissions such that I could not delete their files, and accessing the File Manager through the Cpanel gave system errors.

    Unbelievably, their live help was hanging up on me when I would tell them my files could not be deleted by me, and the control panel was a system error page!

    They would not
    (1) restore my content from backup
    (2) delete the hacker's files
    (3) refund me the 8 months of unused hosting fees when I decided to ditch them.

    Here is a "live support" transcript:
    ** You are now speaking with Steve Bradley, Support. **
    Steve Bradley : Thank you for contacting Technical Support. How may I assist you today?
    yoyo : I just tried to delete some files through FTP. PERMISSION DENIED 550"
    yoyo : My site has been hacked.
    Steve Bradley : May I have your ADDR.COM Username and Domain name?
    yoyo : toast45
    yoyo : I simply cannot delete the hacker's material.
    Steve Bradley : Thank you for your information.
    yoyo : You're most welcome.
    yoyo : I can't access the File Manager from the control panel, either.
    yoyo : System error in opendir(/usr431/home/t/o/toast45): "No such file or directory"
    yoyo : Are you still here?
    Steve Bradley(CSR) has left this session.

  • Be
      19th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    1-19-2012 is STILL the worst hosting company on the web. They have fake 24/7 technical support, they make promises which, for some reason, they're unable to keep. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS.

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