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Add One Corp. / Rude & can't type English

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Allan deAbreu
Certified Loan Broker/Business Loan Broker
Add One Financial Solutions
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Allan responded to my discussion on a merchant account group on LinkedIn.

We are looking to partner up with someone to provide merchant accounts to our clients in Canada & AU.

The first one or two e-mails was ok b/c they were very short, but then he started pushing publishing services (why I have no idea) & all he kept wanting me to do is fill out some form.

I didn't think he understood what we wanted, so I sent him a file with a whole bunch of questions that would explain a lot. He responded back zeroing in on only ONE question in the entire file. The one question that didn't matter to us as we weren't looking to replace our own merchant account, we were looking for merchant accounts for our clients.

I wrote him back saying:


I have no idea what you are talking about. We aren't a publishing company in that respect. Did you not even look at our website???

I'm not applying for anything. No one has been able to get us a better rate for a US merchant account & I wasn't asking to partner with someone for me, but for my clients. I'm looking for a partnership which I don't think you understand.

If you read the file you would know that, but it's clear you didn't read the file, so all the best.


Then he wrote back rambling & I didn't understand much of what he was saying...


Yep I see you are publishing books about the escort service and such - thus my confusion in your one of your emails - all you had to stated was in one email escort service & another email was publishing. If you also offer the other services throgh some type of agency - no matter either - now do you see my confusion at 1st?

I have read you file but what you don't understand you are trying to qualify lenders is great but I suspect very few are going to fill out your form when you are asking them for a better rate.

My website does say USA (since they are USA based) & we are BBB rated too plus my processor has a Canadian bank (or did you not read that in 2 of my emails yet?) My processor can do processing both in USA & Canada - in fact they know the rates in Canada are high that is why they are now competing in Canada market

The choice is yours to fill out our online app or send me 1 months statements to see if we can beat the rate you are currently receiving now.
What risk are you taking by getting a free quote? NONE! Other than it never hurts to try.


Have a great day!

Sincerely, "

I asked him if English was his first language as I couldn't understand what he was saying, or why his brain was going off in a million directions other then the ONE I wanted.

I told him I have to feel comfortable working with someone & I don't, so I wished him all the best.

That's when he wrote this to me...

"I think you are right - we are not a good fit - for that matter I don't see many processor will be - since you don't seem to know how to read or type English too well wither.

I do not have need to waste my time to go digging in my emails to cut & paste what you what you wrote to prove that you have big gaps in your brain cells. Do not go around thinking you know haw be little some one via email when you can't even remeber what you have typed in the 1st place. No wonder no processors want to work with you -you are not a business person & need to go back to your other professions that you have done in the past - what ever they are - no matter to me.


Even that e-mail was so poorly written I couldn't understand some of what he said, but clearly I got the jist that this guy is no professional, he's just an angry person who can't handle rejection.

I feel others should know what I've experienced.


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      9th of Feb, 2011
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    Wow - who don't get who - two sides to a story. You too never read all what was said - why not put all what was wrote not just excerpts to make you look good. I am thankful we didn't get you loan since you have no clue what getting a business loan is about. Again due to your escort & publishing your industries are black listed by almost all lenders. But you never took the time to read that statement throughly so you need to look in the mirror before you throw stones in glass houses young lady.

    Next time take time to read every word typed to you not every 10th word.

    Allan deAbreu
    Add One Financial Solutions

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      9th of Feb, 2011
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    Man I hate this boards - I can see why this lady complained - I type one thing and the system adds goobley gook to my writing.

    Bottom line folks if you can see by my writings I was getting tired after numerous emails back and forth with her to understand the lenders process not what she wants. This lady is all over the net complaining about every thing under the sun. She just needs to do more investigation before wasting money on some thing or in this case all I did was tell the truth & try to help a long shot to get funded. And I got burned when I told the her truth - wow what a world we live in folks. She paid us nothing yet we are fraud & rude - amazing!! Ok sort of rude but you need to read all not what see has selected to understand the whole story.

    Always 2 sides to a story and looks like to me she crys wolf a lot!!


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      18th of Feb, 2011
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    In response to what Allan said, he is lying, but of course I don't expect him to admit to the truth. Not once (read the e-mails) did he state what he's now claiming he said.

    All he had to do was say he couldn't help me - VERY simple. And he had full access to my sites right from the very beginning, so why waste my time going back & forth for days? Instead I went back & forth with this guy trying to understand where his head was at & just couldn't understand a word he was saying.

    This has nothing to do with him telling me the so called truth, but Allan doesn't seem to understand much of what I write either as we can see b/c I NEVER asked HIM for a loan (again read my e-mails above LOL).

    Even his rebuttal above I can barely understand & not b/c of the odd characters.

    Then he blames me for complaining about him & his company trying to shift what he did onto me.

    That's not only immature behavior, but clearly very unprofessional.


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      5th of Jan, 2012
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    I don't lie have a solid back ground to proof it and you are the only complaint - look in the mirror maybe it is you!

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      5th of Jan, 2012
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    Amazing - you cut and paste what I typed & I don't need to lie and have aback ground to proof and you are my only comp-laint - kinds of funny - look in the mirror. and understand you are the rude and a big complainer when things don't go your way. Grow up or get out of business. Ooops that right is is illegal or you was in that profession.

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