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Adaptec Online Store / Fraud

1 United States
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On Sunday afternoon I placed an order for three SAS cables that were listed as in stock on their website that I could not find anywhere else at the time. About two hours later I check the status of my order and see I recieved an email thirty minutes after the order telling me the cables are on back order. The email clearly states that if I wish to cancel the order I should send an email to them or call them by phone. Very annoyed I immediately send an email to the address they specified and request to cancel my order since I cannot reach anyone on the phone until the next time they are open which is Monday at 10AM. On Monday I recieve confirmation from another vendor that they can guarantee the cables are in stock. Since I need these three cables asap and I canceled my order with adaptec I place my order with them and soon after get confirmation of shipment. I call to confirm my order cancellation with adaptec and then the fiasco begins. The guy tells me he will put in my cancellation request be says it looks like two of the three have shipped, but at the same time it says they have none in stock. So he's not sure if they have any in stock or what the status of my order is. Quite fed up I tell him to just cancel the order which he tells me he has done. An hour later I recieve an email that tells me they cannot cancel my order. So I call them up again and tell them that is not acceptable. I point out the order was cancelled by email before they could have shipped the order. They completely ignore that fact and blindly state they cannot cancel it. I then speak to a manager who offers no help and makes no effort to resolve the situation. I ask for a tracking number and am told I may not recieve it for 3 days! It was to ship via two day air. I ask them when they expect the third cable will be shipped. They cannot guarantee me any kind of shipment date but say that it should ship soon. Basically they cannot provide me with any info on the order other than to say it cannot be cancelled. I tell them that I am going to dispute the charges and refuse the shipments and the manager says, "That is unforunate and you can do that if you wish, but why not just accept the package since it has shipped. Is there anything else I can help you with today?" I mean is he for real? Lets see... I #1 I cancelled the order, #2 you did not send me everything I need (in a hurry), and #3 I ordered them from a competent vendor. What more can I say? Overall this is the worst online order experience I have ever had and I do a lot of online shopping. There is only one other bad purchase I can think of that was as bad and that was with a really shady company that soon after went out of business. This is definitely not what I would expect from a high end RAID card manufacturer. The service is absolutely horrible and it appears you can never cancel an order even if they have no information regarding if it's shipped or not. It seems that once an order is placed with that website it is in a totally automated system that prevents any kind of cancellation and fails to provide any kind of information on the order. Really great job Adaptec. Get a clue will ya. Last time I buy anything from your company. So be warned everyone Adaptec makes good hardware but their online store is a joke. Now I have to refuse shipment and dispute these charges. Such an unnecessary hassle. BUYER BEWARE! STAY AWAY!

EDIT: After talking with the 2nd vendor they graciously canceled my order even though they had it packed and ready for shipment today. That is what a real vendor does. I still will not do business with adaptec store again but at least I do not have to dispute any charges. Now I just hope I actually recieve these items as they have claimed to ship.


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