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Adam Gorzelsky & Katie Wilson / Website

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These College Punks from the University of Pittsburgh, have created a silly and non-fact finding website insulting landlords across the nation !
Just because these dumb renters weren't happy with the place they were renting...
This site should be shut down !

Adam Gorzelsky & Katie Wilson

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  • Qw
      15th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I think it's great tenants have a place to review who they rent from. Shady landlords get away with treating people like crap and it's time shady landlords are called out.

  • Tz
      27th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Now forgive my questioning but...going by the same second rate logic that this site is a "...Non-fact finding site..." shouldnt every AAA book and website with a hotel review in it be stopped as well? I mean, if people are able to comment on how i or my staff run the hotel it could make us look bad too! hmm, you know, film reviews just take bad movies and further embarace them by letting people know they are rotton ahead of wasteing their money...these need eliminated too. I for one agree with you, by encoraging people too comment on the people who rent to us, you take away any chance at fate handing me another landlord like D. Phillips. Sure she was convicted of wire fraud, and sure she stole my security deposit and then lost to me in court over it...and then moved, but what the heck...if i had a heads up before i knew she "legaly unstable" then it wouldnt have been such a surprising and new experiance. ... ok honestly, in what way shouldnt a potential tenant be given a chance to know what the Overwellming public opinion of their future landlord is...sigh... let me break it down simply for you... If you are WAY more crooked than you are honest, you will see that reflected in your comments and scores (like how hotels get stars) and if you have a string of terrible terrible college kids who ruin your property, then that just means you need to handle whom you rent too better than you are (just like a certain car company (or collection of) failed to make costifective AND desirable cars) If you cannt figure out how to make money in your industry...dont blame the market or the client...its your company...or apartment...change your method...or you deserve to fail... P.S. I personally run a hotel in the pittsburgh area... and its just sad to see anyone in any industry claim they shouldnt be judged by how they deal with the clients, beyond a shadow of a doubt i state simply this, you are either very bad at being a land lord or simply dont have your current/future clients in mind at all, i mean look at what you said and try reeeeaaaly hard to think about 1) if you realy ment what you had to say there...and 2) Have you ever read Ayn should check out her book Altas Shrugged. Dont worry its her Simplest book to read... it will let you understand why not just Rand would hate you so very very much... but also speak volumes to you about the idea of simply doing a good job at what you do and the success that comes with that
    (*p.s. my apologies for grammer and spelling lapses in this... Im a dyslexic and while the spelling may be off...the point is clear)

  • Be
      10th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I looked at the site and looked up an old landlord. This landlord was definitely a slumlord and I'm glad the ratings reflect this. I wish I had this resource back in my renting days. I also rent out property now and have no problem with the site cause I'm a good landlord!

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