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Online printer I have been a graphic designer for 12 years and send files electronically for printing almost every day. Some files are huge; some are small. Any decent printing company's FTP site can handle large files. I never send compressed files because the quality suffers in the printing when the files are expanded. I sent all necessary files to, although there are no specs on the site; no way to associate your files with a given job; no upload instrux; you just upload into a black hole. I crossed my fingers, and sent an email notifying them exactly what files I had sent and the Job ID that was generated when the order was placed. Two days later I get a call from this incredibly condescending man who said he hoped I wouldn't do business with them anymore because of the file sizes I sent! "We'll never make any money this way, " he said. What on earth difference does it make how big the files are? Then he said there were just huge .tiff files with embedded fonts and nothing else. He never saw the Quark file (so presumed there wasn't one and was tsk-tsking me for ony sending PhotoShop files. Like I would send him stray picture files and expect him to make a brochure out of them? Do I have STUPID tattoed on my forehead?) Then he says, "Oh, there it is." If they had ANY kind of FTP protocol for uploading this would not have happened. So he says goodbye and hangs up. Truly unbelievable. In my opinion, these people are not at all competent to be in business.


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